Sunday, June 24, 2012

Major University Scraps "Social Work" Degree Programs

The University of Southampton, in England, will no longer be turning out future CPS workers and the like:
"Every single day hundreds of additional documents, affidavits, reports, news articles, videos, social media postings along with comments are added to the internet's archive. These uploads seem to continually expose social services, child protection services (CPS), social workers incompetence and testify to much evidence of abuse perpetually practiced against children, their families and individuals targeted for profit, through questionable means."
I need hardly remind the savvy readers of this blog that feminism is implicated, up to its earlobes, in the monkey business described above. The social service sector in most Western countries is stuffed with ideological parasites of the feminist variety who love nothing better than breaking up families. And you know, the way I figure things, it is not the best idea to break up families. The impact on the social ecology is likely to  be adverse.

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Anonymous Just1x said...

In all the interviews that I've ever seen with a social worker bimboid, I have never seen one react to an issue with anything other than a defeatist way; it's diffcult, there's no easy solution etc

They don't appear to see their job as fixing things, just clucking, form filling, meddling and waffling - just what are they useful for? And god forbid that they're ever held responsible for effing things up.

Good news that the course is gone, let's have a bonfire of fluff degrees.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous TDOM said...

The problem with CPS workers is that they are simply not trained for the job. Feminism is only part of the problem, and not even the major part. I was a CPS worker for 13 years.

Social work degrees do not and even psychology degrees do not prepare one to become a CPS worker. Yet these are the preferred degrees for those in the profession.

Understanding the dynamics of child abuse and understanding and understanding of how to provide treatment for the victims and the abusers are taught as part of social work and psychology programs. But this is only part of what a CPS worker needs to know. The other half of CPS is law enforcemnt and social work and psychology programs do not teach law enforcement. CPS departments are good at training their workers on their policies and procedures, but little training in law is provided.

Another problem is the potential for lawsuits. A social worker who leaves a child in a home with its parents is leaving the department open for a potential lawsuit should that child later become the victim of severe abuse and suffer severe injury or death. This has resulted in CPS agencies adopting "defensive" positions and strategies to protect themselves.

The CPS worker's mantra is "err on the side of protecting the child." However, protecting the child translates into removing children from their parents who may not otherwise need to be removed. Thus the defensive position turnd the child protetion agency and worker into the child abusers because any time a child is removed from its parents the child is subjected to emotional trauma. The question to ask is "is this trauma going to be greater or lesser than the abuse this child might suffer if left in its home?"

Additionally, available services for at-risk families are practically nonexistent. social service agencies may be well-intended, but are not funded well enough to provide the intensive services that may be required. instead they provide "cookie-cutter" services that are not necessarily tailored to meet the needs of a particular family.

to be continued...

2:55 PM  
Blogger Paul M said...

And the underlying problem is the notion that someone is always to blame.

Since social workers are driven by the fear of lawsuit if they fail to protect the child, a way to make things better would be an establishment of a legal principle "The CPS is never legally liable if it does nothing."

If a parent injures a child in their care, the CPS is not at fault - the parent is.

Of course, this does not mean that the CPS will never do anything. It still has internal policies and political directives that give it motive to act. But let's take away the hysteria to be seen to be doing something.

And lets admit that. in fact, some things are more important than a child.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous TDOM said...

My comment was so long I had to break it into two parts to post it, but it looks like the second half of my comment didn't make it.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did/do social degree programs/classes ever teach students about human nature. Natural human nature? Do/did they teach how men and women are hardwired, naturally, differently?

10:31 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@TDOM: That is odd indeed. I wonder how often Blogger commits these kinds of glitches. . ??

@Anon10:31: I would guess that social degree programs do not teach those things. I would guess that those things are taught (if they are taught at all) in other degree programs entirely.

1:13 PM  

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