Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once Again: Slamming Down the Code of Law Upon the Table

I posted the following somewhere on the internet, in response to some vapid bromide by a person who wanted to be the God of Wishy-Washy Moderation. This reflects the strategy we need to follow -- to hammer terms and categories into place by unrelenting iteration, until said terms and categories become fixtures of the discourse.
The value of the term 'feminism' may be set equal to 'female supremacism'. 
As for a definition, we may define 'feminism' as "the project to increase the power of women." 
Under the sector system, feminism categorically IS what we (non-feminists) say it is. 
By linguistic fiat. 
The burden is upon the self-declared feminist to demonstrate that he/she does not fit the profile. 
Much confusion can be cleared away if we understand that feminism is a social organism, whose parts (either "good" or "bad") work together toward a common purpose. 
Any self-declared feminist who does not like what is being said about feminism here, has the option of disowning the word "feminist" as a self-appellative. 
We make it easy for them. We do not (metaphorically) trap them in a burning house with no escape route. 
Any feminist is free to renounce feminism BY NAME, simply by saying "I am not a feminist". 
This individual may then retain the full content of his/her belief system, but "repackaged" under some other name.

Some time later another person (not the original addressee) posted the following in response to my remarks cited above:
"you are redefining feminism to suit your own purpose. Very few, if any, feminists actually believe thats what feminism is"

And I answered that person as follows:
No. I am not re-defining feminism. I am defining it. 
It doesn't make a spit of difference what any feminist "believes" feminism is. The authority to define feminism is not limited to a particular set of people who might happen to say  "I am a feminist". 
If you declare yourself a NON-feminist, then you are, by implication, defining feminism. 
And you have full authority to do this.


Blogger Eincrou said...

"If you declare yourself a NON-feminist, then you are, by implication, defining feminism."

Yep. It's defining the term "feminism" from the outside, going in. There's probably a special word for this type of move, but I don't know what it is.

This is a very interesting way of approaching defining terms. It's the opposite of the law of identity: Not-A = Not-A, therefore A = Everything minus Not-A.

It's roundabout and unusual, but logically sound.

12:57 PM  

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