Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The War Against Men is Worldwide

"Ustedes han construido la igualdad contra los hombres!"
(You have constructed equality against men!)

Yes, the war against men is worldwide. And unlike that tired old "war against women" trope which the feminists pull out of their ass every few years, the war against men is very, very REAL. Here we see a skirmish in this war being played out in the Spanish Parliament. This male politician is giving those Socialist feminists a right ear full, all right! Now, if you're like me, you can at least READ Spanish. So turn on the captions (CC) and you can decipher, at your leisure, what he is saying.

Isn't it remarkable how men all over the world are delivering the same basic message about feminism? Why do you suppose that is happening? Do you reckon it's because men are a pack of worthless, whining little shits?

Or do you reckon there just might be something REAL going on here?

Seriously now, what do YOU think?


Blogger Zorro said...

Well, since you can read Spanish, maybe you'd translate what he says. Or do you think your readership is any more fluent than you are?

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The message is slowly getting through, but it has not yet been picked up by high profile politicians who would agree with what was said in the video, probably because they know they would get it well and truly in the neck from feminists if they did say anything. When they finally recognise the damage done, as one example, to family life, they may, perhaps, do something, but it will be one dreadful battle.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Nope, readers will need to take this gift horse as it is given. I don't have time to run a translation service at the moment.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


This is a grassroots revolution, and the "politicians" who really count are US!

The ones who will take it well and truly in the neck will be the feminists themselves. We are inching closer to their "necks" little by little. In a grassroots way, I mean.

We shall make them an offer they can't refuse, and that is, an offer to negotiate.

A perfectly honorable gesture on our part, yet negotiation is the one thing they cannot hope to survive.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

P.S. The big politicians can get on board whenever, but we aren't waiting for them.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous BASTA! said...

I'd be cautious before this is translated. One thing I noticed is that he referred to the infamous WEF's Global Gender Gap Report as a credible source of information (saying that Spain still has 44th place in the WEF's gender equality ranking after all these years of socialist government). This doesn't look well.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Gerber Construction said...

you know I don't think that people are trying to make a war against men okay or even women for that matter I think everyone is just trying for equality and it isn't panning out the way we all would like it to

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am spaniard, so I got to understand all the speech. I'll try to translate the best I can:

"PSOE brings this motion because of fear that the PP change their progress model in order to not threaten spaniard women's future.
We could share the fear you have for the consequences of those (budget) cuts, and I'd like to remind that they're due to all you have done, people of PSOE and people of PP, in our country, in our Autonomic Communities and in our councils. We could share that self-criticism if you do it a little too.

But it seems that you feel satisfied, Mrs. Montón and it surprises me because, despite the unquestionable progress in equality on the last years (by the way, Mrs. Montón, i'd like that there were rigurous evaluations of Mr. Zapatero's government politics in order to know what is due to his government and what is due to spanish society, to it's boost and all it has evolved thanks to education.) Despite of that, I wanted to say that unemployment rate in women and of course in men too are unbearable. Chances of conciliation are inexistents. It has been proposed to create a Subcomittee in this Chamber and I truly hope it won't be another example of useless Commission. Chances of conciliation are inexistent because there is no support from companies nor from public powers.

Progress in matters of education about equality and reproductive health is too low. The number of murdered women from domestic violence is immovable, PSOE people, and the perpetuation of sexist roles and gender differences in media is very worrying, according to a survey made public recently with data from WEF and UN that measures the juridic field, health and education, as activity and participation of women in the labour and politic fields.
Spain is rated in the 44th place. In comparison to Iceland, that get 100 points, due your politics we only get 79. This is what you have left for us. I don't know in what you take pride, and how you dare to give us morality lessons, seeing how you screwed it. Your motion, socialist people, is a mess. We agree with you in some points; for example with the first one that allows a coordinate strategy with EU in order to keep equality in public services, and 0 to 3 years children education. We have heard of it a lot of times from PP and PSOE people and they do nothing about it. We agree that we need a strategic euqality plan. Where is the evaluation of previous plans?

We, like EU, are not here for the quotas system, but to solve basic problems. Yes, Honors...

(Interruption: "Please, listen to the Deputy, because we can't hear him if you all keep talking".)

We don't agree with building equality against men, like you have done. Let's hope we can end the criminal inequality that you've created, because it just created a lot of unfairness and it solved nothing.

(Interruption: "One moment, Deputy. Mrs. Blanco, I beg you silence. We're finishing. Mr. Canto, continue, please".)

I just hope that you will be as polite as I am when you talk. That's what I hope, you Honor. It's the only thing I hope.
Don't give me equality lessons when you don't even allow me to talk. Soon we'll bring to this Chamber motions about what we believe is true equality. We'll talk about shared custody and listen what you have to say to that. An ideal tool in order that not only women, as they often complain, take charge of child care, wich complicate their careers. We are not in the last century. There is a large majority of men that want to fulfill their lives with those tasks, but you don't let us to do, you stripped us of that right. We (UPyD) want to work in equality, promoting the necessary concensus in order that that equality of opportunities and treatment between men and women keep going foward, achieving a true good for society, but working togheter, Mrs. Montón, Mrs Deputy from Plural Left, Mrs Deputies from Mixed Group. Not working against anybody. Tanks, Mr. President."

1:37 AM  

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