Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Feminists Park their Heads -- Up Their Ass!

My directly previous post was linked from the r/Feminism subreddit. I refer you to the comment thread which follows. It is short, but very, very revealing. What it reveals is that feminists have their heads up their ass. Nary a one of those people had a single frigging clue what the article was talking about.

Not. A. Single. Frigging. Clue.

The tenor of their remarks had virtually no bearing whatsoever on the matter under discussion.

It sounds like they skipped over the entire portion of the article beginning with "enough about the bad stuff."

Cue the repeated whizzing sound of point after point after point flying past their heads and receding into the distance.

Briefly, they are blocking. They are filtering. They are practicing selective awareness. It is a psychological maneuver which a professional psychologist might explain better than I could. But you get the idea.

Yes, they live in a mind bubble all their own. They will not allow the reality of the world outside that bubble. Did they miss the part about "feminism is not the world"? We must assume that they did. Their narcissism is  stunning. They truly believe that it's "all about feminism", and they truly believe that the rest of the world thinks according to the feminist narrative.

They truly believe this.

Clearly, they didn't get the memo yet.

So they are missing something absolutely crucial.  All right, this behavior of theirs is irritating as hell, but we must consider it a weakness on their part, and find ways of using it to destroy them.

So, ponder this, and store it in your mental archive of "feminist behavior case studies".

All right, here is the link to the subreddit:


Blogger Paul M said...

Same as christians, really. Everything is about christianity. There's a word for people that think that everything is all about one single big, simple concept - and that word is "paranoid".

Everyone needs to read "The Paranoid Style in American Politics", by Hofstadter.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Just a little reminder...

We generally avoid depreciatory remarks about "mainstream" groups that might differ from us.

Feminists, Nazis, Commies, Fascists, etc, are fair game of course.

11:11 PM  

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