Wednesday, July 25, 2012

According to Some People, Male Human Rights is an "Utter Abomination"

Non-feminist political existence is spreading across Canada, leapfrog style, and already the powers-that-be are launching into backlash mode against it. Case in point:  A pro-male placard recently appeared at the airport in Edmonton (YEG), and was violently attacked. People at the scene physically defaced the placard, of course, but that's not all.  Anti-male elements soon took it to the interwebs, too! The following was posted on Tumblr, and it speaks for itself:

So to explain the self-evident, a pro-male partisan posted this placard, which displays the web address of  A Voice for Men. Almost immediately, a kneejerk feeding frenzy of backlash kicked in. It seems that some folks don't want feminist dogma to be challenged in the forum of public discourse. Nor, I would guess, do they wish to see the male population galvanized as a self-aware political bloc which is vigilant for its interests. Only women are permitted to do that, don't ya know? Well if you think that is a terribly one-sided double standard, you are entirely correct.

At some point, somebody snapped this photo, and proceeded to post it on Tumblr.  The following is a screen capture of some comments which the photo inspired. As you can clearly see, somebody thinks that "men's rights" is a laughable idea, and somebody else is struck speechless by such an "utter abomination".

"What? Men are human beings with human rights? What an utter abomination!!"

Already, the forces of backlash have sprung to life, and a grassroots campaign of sorts has been launched in Edmonton, to put the kibosh on this silly business of so-called male human rights. Well. What we are seeing here is a taste of things to come. Just imagine how the cat fur is gonna fly, when counter-feminist presence becomes publicly visible all over the world everywhere.

Be vigilant, my brothers and sisters. If the other side must use violence, then mark my words, it will. More importantly, it will use spin, smear and slander tactics -- in other words, aggression. We have seen this already, and will undoubtedly see more.

We, of course, reject the use of violence in all but extreme cases of self-defense. However, the other side hasn't got such scruples, and they do command the engines of violence in many forms -- physical and spiritual, political and cultural, directly and by proxy.

Never forget that feminism is the ruling paradigm over much of the world, that the law and the mechanisms of governance are largely feminized, and that when you challenge the feminist power structure on ANY level, you are effectively butting heads with the power of the STATE, and you are likely to catch some nasty pushback if you make your presence felt too keenly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the sign doesn't say what they want it to.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

No, the problem is the massive comprehension gap among the fatheaded liberal bourgeoisie who have gotten their knickers in a pretzel.

It is time for these dolts to pull their heads out and get up to speed about the objective reality of the situation.

"Babying" them doesn't work. They need to be yanked out of their complacency with an abrupt *snap*.

(Besides, plenty of other people are babying them anyway. This is a multi-pronged approach, after all.)

The sign says exactly what needs to be said. And. . . it reaches out to a more comprehending audience, too, in addition to the thickos. So, the plan is to mobilize the comprehending ones, and at the same time create polarization among the population in general.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ftr, I don't disagree with the message or wording of the sign... just if it doesn't say what they like, they rip it up. If it were their sign implying that men have a rape mentality, and someone ripped it up, they'd respond with a lot of affected surprise and indignation. It has occurred to me that putting up a sign or anything else at an airport might require some caution, no telling how that might be framed.

I don't know where to post this Fidelbogen, but I saw something you might appreciate, at the following page:
go to item number five - I think it's priceless she needs to admonish her sisters "don't make up false statistics" - thing is, that's exactly what they do, apparently they know they do it too! I chuckle every time I think about this.

2:57 PM  

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