Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Down to the Bedrock Once Again

Once again, it is time for a timely replay. I mean, this is like having a code library when you are writing computer programs. You save yourself work by recycling legacy work. In the present case, the plan is to reiterate foundational messages like a psychic drumbeat -- mixing them, remixing them, mashing them up in different combinations with a counterpoint that evolves over time, always toward a greater distillation of political efficiency.

So, do you think the feminists will stop what they are doing just because somebody convinces them they are mistaken? They will do no such thing, and that is why we must work over them, around them, and right straight  through them.

Let us not hesitate to throw their tricks back at them, and cram the shoe onto the other foot. There is no need to be nice about this. We ought to study very carefully what they are doing to us and then, with certain modifications, treat them to the same. They claim to occupy the moral high ground, but bear in mind the utter fraudulence of their title. And knowing that they will never relinquish this fraudulent title voluntarily, let us feel free to mirror their tactics, to shove them off the moral high ground in a perfectly underhanded way, and to occupy that ground ourselves.

Remember that this is a war, and the goal of any war is to WIN. Remember also that it is a waste of time to play straight with a crook, and not only that, it is literally impossible to do so. For just as you cannot drive straightly on a crooked road, so too you cannot deal straightly with crooked people, and it is a mistake to even try. You are entitled to be, at the very least, disingenuous with them -- and they should be thankful if that is the worst you ever do. Good faith is not required equipment in your dealings with feminists, and you may assume, as a matter of policy, that every feminist you meet operates in bad faith.

That is harsh, but I'm afraid it's just the state of the game at this point in history. We, the non-feminist men and women of planet Earth, didn't ask for any of this. It dropped into our lives uninvited, and we must sort out the consequences one way or another. The enemy has never played nice, and that means we are not morally obligated to do so either. Feminism is the aggressor, the aggressor has set the terms of engagement, and the aggressor can either jump off that train or ride it to the end of the line.

But if the feminists are willing to negotiate a plan of co-existence with the rest of the world, we non-feminist men and women will engage them precisely in a spirit of negotiation, as one sovereign power to another. And we will monitor them closely for any sign of trickery, because we understand their capacity for violence in all forms. We mean to drive a hard bargain, but we seek to avoid the worst for all concerned, and in the end we strive only for what is eminently fair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what Benjamin Franklin would say about the state of things now. It would probably be funny.

Excellent talk!

9:00 AM  

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