Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keep your Eye on the Creeping Trends

We all know that men now compose, on average, about 40% of all college students -- so it looks like the zero point on that particular equality scale has gone a bit  In a similar vein, we have all heard about 'Title IX', which seeks to equalize participation in sports programs by pushing out men who. . .well. . . want to participate in sports programs.

By these and other tokens, we are made aware of the growing anti-male chill in the world of higher academia. Want more examples? Well, how about being herded into an auditorium and lectured by some asshole on the theme of  "She Fears You"?

Or how about being tried for rape on a slight pretext, by extra-judiciary proceedings in a "star chamber", to a preponderance of evidence standard, and being scarred for life by a so-called court decision that has no legal standing. 

Truly, spiritual violence against the male population takes many forms, in academia and elsewhere. But. . I digress.

Now, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I might suspect that "somebody" is conspiring to push men out of higher academia in general because "somebody" wants the future intellectual class in society to be female-dominated. And hence, more than likely,  feminist dominated.

However, I am not a conspiracy theorist, because I do not theorize conspiracy.  I do not feel that I need to do so. I simply cast my eye upon the facts and trends of the world, and call 'em as I see 'em. So I reckon I'm a bit of  a phenomenologist in that respect, eh? Things simply are what they are, and they happen as they happen. And for general purposes we may focus on just precisely that, and bracket the rest. Yes, sometimes it helps if you are deep enough to be "shallow".

But enough of all this. Now here is some recent news. A motion is afoot, to extend the provisions of Title IX so as to limit the number of male students admitted to Science programs, i.e. the celebrated "STEM" cluster of academic disciplines. It seems they haven't got enough equality in that realm yet, so they intend to make the scale balance even if they must put their thumb on it.

So, is somebody literally conspiring to load the intellectual class with females rather than males? Is somebody literally conspiring to smuggle more "feminists" into the world of science, so that they can do "feminist science"? I will offer no conclusive opinion here.Yet I cannot doubt that the suggested outcomes will indeed occur, whether anybody planned it that way or not. And I also know with dead certainty that plenty of actual people would be delighted to see this happen.

On that note, I send you to the following article, which enlarges upon the present Title IX topic:



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title iv ot title ix?

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