Monday, July 23, 2012

Thinking Globally About What Happens Locally

Misandry, male-bashing, man-hating, anti-male bias. Call it what you will, but it happens all over the world in a pattern that ought to be clear. And it had best stop, or there will be some merry hell to pay. I am predicting this (not prescribing it), because I would like to head off trouble before it arrives on everybody's doorstep. I want to avoid the worst. I want to be the self-defeating prophet whose predictions NEVER come true, but that will happen only if my words, and the words of other people like me, are taken up and taken to heart. So what say you, gentle reader? Do you want to steer the world away from future violence? Do you simply not give a rip? Or do you wish (as the feminists wish) to encourage the growth of violence in the interest of a political agenda? Reflect upon this, and take your stand to one side or the other.

All right, have a look at this clipping from an Indian newspaper  -- the Deccan Chronicle of Hyderabad. This was shared to the worldwide pro-male community by an activist in India, and it speaks tons. You should pay particular attention to the final paragraph, which resonates with the state of affairs on a global scale. As the song says, "signs, signs, everywhere signs!" The growing trend is to view men as moral pariahs and dogs, and to view maleness itself as pathological.

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Anonymous said...

What I see is a growing trend of woman calling out men as stalking when he is technically only showing interest. He is showing interest in a traditional manner…ie finding out where she works and sending flower. Woman are being educated through female activist groups on things to watch for which could lead towards a dangerous situation. ie Sending flowers spells “danger”. The woman consults with her feminist friends who advise them to go to the police. Police being the dicks they are go out to prove how macho they are to the attractive young woman… and consider all men are pigs looking for sex because,often the police officer himself is only motivated sexually! Often the woman will avoid the police and go to the court and have a civil Restraigning Order taken out on the poor guy. The Judicial system automatically sides with the Woman, as they take no chances today.

What is even more alarming is the number of woman who go out of their way trying to provoke incidence to be titled a Victim. I’m not quite sure of the reason for this. There must be a reason for wanting that attachment. Maybe as to create attention to themselves getting someone to come to their rescue and feel sorry for them? Men really need to be on their guard. If woman continue down this path they will become the lamb who cried wolf one time too often!

I would like to hear from anyone who is seeing and witnessing this foul play. Has any information been provided regarding this issue… ie studies? It seems I did read something sometime back that feminist men hate groups were educating woman to unknowingly entice men into a situation leading towards increasing the number of female victims as to gain more American federal funding.

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