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Barry Nolan Takes the Bait

This is in reference to my immediately prior post, where I share an e-mail I sent to Barry Nolan of The tone of my message was civil, as others may judge. Well, Barry Nolan fired back quick as a greased adder. His tone was anything but civil; indeed, I would cite it as an case of emotional reasoning tinged with hysteria. The message was composed in a white heat of reaction, and betrays either intellectual incapacity, or simple unwillingness to engage intellectually -- I'm not sure which. For starters, Mr. Nolan apparently cannot distinguish feminist from female, despite the gaping, canyon-like difference between these words. (Mr. Nolan, here's a hint: the "fem" syllable common to both words does not prove that they mean the same thing. You need to look deeper. )

And Barry Nolan lazily glosses over some other points as well. Likely he feels that respectful attention to political context, and to nuance, is a courtesy which he doesn't owe in the present case. And that, in the long run, is to his misfortune.

Finally, what I find especially amusing, is Mr. Nolan's suggestion that I suggested that I am a journalist. No. I have never remotely suggested that I am a "journalist", nor do I suggest it now. Granted, that to debate who is or isn't a "journalist", is like debating who is or isn't an "artist" or an "intellectual." But in the end, I claim only to do what I do, which is not at all a difficult claim to uphold.

Oh yes, journalistically speaking, I do wonder about Mr. Nolan. And furthermore, what does it say about Boston Magazine that they'd hire one such as he to provide them with copy? But then again, I reckon they know their market, so I won't tell them how to run their business.

For now, I will simply  post Mr. Nolan's e-mail in its entirety. Later perhaps, I will come back with further commentary. Or maybe not:
"Dear Mr. Fidelbogen,

"Yes indeed I did refer to your post as an example of a far right wing anti-women group. On your front-page for instance, you state: “in the feminist universe women cannot do anything wrong because feminism does not hold women morally accountable.” That is utter rubbish. You link to an article titled: “Feminism Spreads Lies Like a Fly Spreads Germs” where you claim that is a slogan you coined in a “flash of inspiration” – which you characterize it as “brutal”. You claim it is a slogan that will make its way into people’s brains and then never leave. I think that in total and viewed in context - you can reasonably be considered anti-woman,

"And, having spoken to a large number of normal people, I also think that most people would find your views to be both repulsive and pathetic.

"You ask if I would be “willing to address certain questions” that you would pose and then suggest it is because you are somehow a journalist. Mr. Fidelbogen, I know journalists. Journalists are friends of mine. You sir, are nothing remotely resembling a journalist. And what appears to be a veiled attempt to be intimidating by saying you intend to distribute this exchange to your minions around the world, is absolutely fine with me. Have at it. Distribute to your hearts content. Sunlight is indeed an excellent disinfectant.

"Barry Nolan"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that these pro-feminist males always break into hysterics like this? Could it be that the truth touches a 'raw nerve' so to speak?

8:29 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


I believe that certain crafted actions, on our part, will gain us a royal road to the feminist subconscious.

All you must do is push certain buttons, and the whole map lights up.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... I don't follow Barry Nolan much - but I did get a link to an article by him recently all about how good men have it and basically attempting to invalidate any complaints men might have about feminism. Big surprise, Barry uses the same tired deliberately false and uninformed style of argumentation in the comments that all the femmes do over at manboobz, I'm surprised he didn't accuse somebody of not being able to get laid. One thing he smugly pointed out was that while rape in prison is regrettable, well, WHO is doing all that rape, it's men of course, and not just some men, just, "men". Sorry for being lazy, but while I don't like to preach to the choir, I also don't like to send email to a dog either (ha ha I just made that up), anyways, I therefore didn't bother to log on to his silly little scenario and leave the following links, they probably would have been discreetly removed anyway:
Naturally, many, many more examples could be availed of the proclivity of some women for violence of all types, but these two links help to show that the desire to rape, and practice of it, are not gender or sex based, but more a matter of opportunity and individual character.
So if there's any question to what my point is, it's that morally, ethically, and in real life practices, women are roughly the same as men, they don't have some sort of princess points coming to them to get of of jail free, and they don't deserve to corrupt laws or institutions to privilege or serve them over men. Let's just drop feminism altogether, in favor of "egalitarianism", you know where everyone is equal, everyone is favored, and no one gets preferential treatment. I'm sure Barry will still be popular with a particular set of women and always have plenty of readers.

Incidentally, someone smarter than me, and less lazy, ought to mirror those sites if possible before fembots find a way to scrub them. Or worse.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Drew Baas said...

Pro feminists are often self deluding, it's part of the indoctrination process.Much like covert intelligence operatives, you need to believe the cover story to function. A lier screams the loudest to defend the lie, and this guy has a bullhorn!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what should we do once we access the royal road to the feminist subconscious. What if I already have plans? I was going to get a cheeseburger later, will the feminist subconscious be more interesting than that? I've been disappointed before.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


By all means, if you prefer your cheeseburger, knock yourself out, bro! ;)

10:00 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Or to be more folksy about it, "the guilty dog barks the loudest."

10:02 PM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

Hmmm - more like the guilty dog pees on the carpet...

His response was not so much a bark as it was a pee stain on the carpet.

I don't know much about journalism, but I do know about guilty puppies and pee on the carpet...

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so... barry nolan just hasn't been properly toilet trained - solution is simple, talk to his female owner, he'll straighten out!

10:06 PM  
Blogger john_b said...

I am more horrified that a man like Barry Nolan is even PUBLISHED AT ALL, ANYWHERE, than what it is he's saying. How does anyone EVEN TAKE THIS MAN SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! He literally takes women out of society, dressed them in white robes, blesses them thrice, pardons any impure thought they have ever had and then turns around, aflame, and blames men, ALL MEN EVERYWHERE (Mr. Nolan, how many REAL, non-mangina MEN have you EVER really met!?!?!?), for pretty much all crimes of humanity, including those proven to be perpetrated by women. According to Mr. Nolan, women are a part of society, part share absolutely no responsibility for any of it. Like all FEMINAZIS, women are stainless by virtue of being women, while men are evil simply because they were alive when something bad happened to a woman. And while that sounds like a gross exaggeration, listening to the world according to Mr. Nolan, ITS NOT. That guy hasn't met a man HE HASN'T BLAMED for something or other. Just give him a second, he can think up something. He Mr. Nolan, if all men are rapists then why don't you advocate locking all of them up at all times, INCLUDING YOURSELF, DUMBASS!?!?!?!?

9:31 PM  

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