Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classic Intellectual Ammo for You

"Over the last twenty-five years, leading sociologists have repeatedly found that men and women commit violence at similar rates. The 1977 assertion that “the phenomenon of husband battering” is as prevalent as wife abuse is confirmed by nationally representative studies, such as the Family Violence Surveys, as well as by numerous other sources. However, despite the wealth and diversity of the sociological research and the consistency of the findings, female violence is not recognized within the extensive legal literature on domestic violence. Instead, the literature consistently suggests that only men commit domestic violence. Either explicitly, or more often implicitly, through the failure to address the subject in any objective manner, female violence is denied, defended and minimized."
The above is from a now-classic article, by Linda Kelly, in the Florida State University Law Review. If you have never seen this one, you'll want to download it and read it. No, seriously, you'll want to download it and read it. Here it is:

Enjoy, and share. I think it is apropos to what is happening in Australia at the moment.


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