Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dateline Vancouver, BC: Feminist Fear and Guilt in Action

I cannot begin to tell you how fine this makes me feel. But in a way, I am disappointed. And why? Because it was too easy. It was anti-climactic. All they had to do was make a public stand, and supporters appeared right and left. The feminists, of course, acted true to character. I mean, we all know how feminists are...right? But unhappily for them, they exposed themselves to the disinfecting sunlight of the world's gaze -- and a harsh, unforgiving glare it was!

Well, we all know what cockroaches do when the light goes on, don't we? So my question is, how much of this can they endure before their fear and guilt sends them scuttling for cover. And I don't just mean on the streets of Vancouver or some other city. I mean in the culture generally.

The action detailed in this video is a microcosm for what we can expect as the opposition to feminism starts mushrooming. So let us hope that the enemy will be thoroughly humiliated by the gathering crowd in the culture generally. And then, at long last, we will see the feminists slinking around like guilty dogs.

We'll see who comes down on the right or wrong side of history, won't we?

I would encourage you to watch the video several times so that you will thoroughly absorb what it has to teach.  Isn't it too fucking weird, that the concept of male human rights makes some people go batshit crazy with fear and guilt? So, are you still gonna tell me that misandry isn't real?

By the way, I am expecting great things to happen in Edmonton, Alberta as well! ;)


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