Friday, August 24, 2012

Feminists are Irrational Imbeciles Who Don't Live in the Real World

More backlash from anti-male reactionaries.

One of our people has put up posters on the campus of Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia. These posters make known that women commit half of all domestic violence. So the Melbourne University feminist group has struck back quicker than a greased viper.

Dr. Greg Canning, another one of our people, has this to say:
"Posters put up at Melbourne University stating "Domestic Violence: Women are half the problem" have the fembots of the student union in a flap. They have coerced some males into a campaign against , . . .  holding signs calling for action on "violence against women" but not against men. These guys are half the problem as well!"
Here is what he refers to:

This confirms yet again what we have known for many years, that working with feminists or engaging them as functional adults with grownup emotions is utter futility and a waste of time.  What the hell is their problem anyway? Reading comprehension? Not one of those posters -- NOT ONE! -- even remotely suggested that violence against women is okay!

And anybody who would miss that is either a flagrant liar, an incorrigible dolt, or simply not right in the head!

It is also clear that those little boys with the signs, or their feminist handlers, or both,  think there IS a reason for violence against MEN, that violence against men is NOT everybody's problem,  that violence against men is NOT never okay, and that no joint effort toward ending violence against men is even warranted.

You would think that with women being half the perpetrators and men being half the victims, the rhetoric would to be more two-sided. More balanced.  You would think that, wouldn't you? But evidently, my friend, some people don't think the way we do!

At any rate, this is no news, since we've always known that feminism is an anti-male hate movement. And because we've got this knowledge fixed in our minds, everything they do is transparent to us, and none of it ever surprises us. It makes us want to explode sometimes, but never does it surprise us.

Isn't it weird how some people have the nerve to rattle on and on about so-called "misogyny", and never ever but never shut the hell up about it? Given that our culture so flagrantly disregards male suffering, and so clearly esteems male life no more than a bucket of spit, what the hell obligates me, as a male person, to esteem female life more than a bucket of spit?

I pose that question in a purely theoretical way, devoid of emotional context, as one might pose a problem in logic or geometry. So would anybody care to answer it, in a purely theoretical way, devoid of emotional context, as one might respond to a problem in logic or geometry?


Here is the attack blog which the anti-male group has put up at Melbourne U. Most of what they say sounds like a case of projection. I am pleased to see that many of our people have already populated the comment thread:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like what's really going on here is the typically feminist tendency to bait-and-switch the argument to hide their real intentions.

We know that feminism is an anti-male hate movement and that gender supremacy is at its core, correct? We also know that women educated under this ideology hate and feel themselves superior to men, correct?

So, they logically CANNOT condemn violence against men, because their philosophy is premised on the destruction of men. But they can't say that openly, because that would expose their evil intentions.

As for the bunch of doofuses holding the signs, they look like the types who probably enjoy being subjugated by women LOL

7:09 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Also...let's not forget that the feminist DV industry has been propped up by false statistics about "male violence" for a third of a century now. And the very last thing they wish, is for those lying stats to be massively and publicly discredited. That would be, for feminism, like the Da Bomb dropping on Hirsoshima.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re:doofuses - now they've got those guys on board I'm starting to reconsider my entire worldview. I bet they are working being as cool as "haifisch". could it be I was just wrong about everything? can I get a cheap pair of suspenders this morning and start wearing them right away? How long would it take to start getting some approval vibes from local feminists? those impressive gentlemen are hoggin' all fem-approved approval vibes. I'd like a little pat on the head for myself before it all gets took.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminised women have no problem using men as tools (useful idiots) when using them furthers their purposes. The men, though, are expendable once the feminists have no further use for them---the 60+% divorce rate in the US is that attitude in action.

Guys like Futrelle and Haifisch would do well to learn from that. Feminised women pride themselves on 'not needing a man'; when they do need one, even to serve their own ends, they build up a reservoir of resentment that blows up under the mangina's feet sooner or later.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Uh...David Futrelle and "Haifisch" in the same pigeonhole?

I mean, sure, I can see a broad, base similarity in their methods of operation...but other than that the taxonomical mismatch is a bit glaring.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"As for the bunch of doofuses holding the signs, they look like the types who probably enjoy being subjugated by women LOL"

To me, they look like they are hiding behind feminism as if sheltering under the wing of a mother hen.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haifisch to me, looks like one of Hannibal Lecter's client-specimens, names himself after a shark. I can't help but wonder, I mean, if that's how he looks and acts at some sort of fem-rally, are they comfortable with the image that projects, and reflects on them, and are they perhaps not fearful of him. What might he do if they tell him to scram? He looks like a reject from some kind of skinhead rally. I can't imagine showing up at hardly any kind of event with a club on my shoulder, and not being asked to leave or put it away. He speaks of staring people down, intimidation - is he self-appointed in that role? hmm.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Dulantha said...

Feminists cannot live in the real world. Because of they do not accept the nature.

6:22 AM  

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