Saturday, August 04, 2012

New Video -- Accelerating the Death of Bad Ideas

Let's summarize the main takeaway points from this video, and add some related thoughts which aren't precisely in the video:

1.That our "movement" is not truly a movement, but a collection of movements which jointly compose a non-feminist microcosm of humanity.

2 .That this microcosm constitutes the politically-awakened part of the non-feminist macrocosm.

3. That this microcosm is growing, and pulling in more and more of the surrounding non-feminist macrocosm, and that the latter is becoming politically awakened in consequence.

4. That the (politically awakened) non-feminist microcosm and the (politically awakening) non-feminist macrocosm jointly compose the non-feminist sector.

5. That the non-feminist sector constitutes the world at large, and that "the world" is not a group which can be singled out as a political entity.

6. That as the politically awakened non-feminist microcosm grows and swallows more and more with the non-feminist macrocosm, ideological schisms and organic differentiations of function will naturally form.

7. That such schisms and differentiations are inevitable, are part of  "how the world works", and are a source of strength rather than weakness.

8. That such fractionization may be considered a new twist on "divide and conquer", i.e. that you divide yourself in order to effect conquest, rather than divide the opposition for that purpose.

9. That the specifically feminist system of moral evaluation has been nullified -- hence the saying that everybody is entitled to be liberated from feminism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting essay and video. I had a question relating to the political aspects of feminism:

While I have also noticed the decline of feminism on the Left, feminism (as I understand it) is primarily a collectivist movement with a goal of gender supremacy moreso than equality. That being the case, do you believe it possible that feminism is simply changing its political orientation (adopting a 'kinder, gentler' Socon image), while leaving the its same fundamental goals and premises intact?

2:33 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

I have no idea what strategy the feminists are adopting in that regard. But if their fundamental goals and premises are intact, I don't see how they can pretend to be "kinder and gentler". They wouldn't fool anybody for long.

5:51 AM  

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