Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Open E-Mail to Barry Nolan at Boston Magazine

I have just sent the following e-mail to Barry Nolan, contributing blogger at In this text, you will find all the needful explanation of what is presently going on. 
Dear Mr. Nolan:

On 8-27-2012, you posted an opinion piece at titled "Is Mitt Romney Dumber Than He Looks?". Link follows: 

In the course of this article, you made a number of interesting statements. For example, that Glenn Sacks is the leader of the False Rape Society.

 In the same sentence, you made reference to "far right wing anti-women groups", and as an example of this latter, you linked to a post on my very own blog, the Counter-Feminist: 

Mr. Nolan, I understand that your article was an opinion piece, and therefore not subject to such rigorous journalistic standards as might be practiced elsewhere. Still, it appeared to me that your work was a bit . . . one sided. As such, it left me rather confused, and I suspect that many others will find themselves in a similar state.

So, I wonder if you would be willing to address certain questions I would pose to you, regarding certain points that you have raised in your article? I propose this in a journalistic spirit of well-rounded enquiry, and look forward to a reply at your earliest convenience, to the address given below:

Additionally, I will post a copy of this mail on my blog, the Counter-Feminist, and circulate it among my various contacts in different parts of the world. I am certain that they, too, will find this to be a matter of lively and engaging interest.

Again, I look forward to your response.




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