Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Breakdown on "Patriarchy"

Remember two things about this "patriarchy" idea:
  • It is coherent when too narrowly defined to be broadly useful.
  • It is incoherent when too broadly defined to be narrowly useful.
Summing up: Latitude of utility varies inversely to coherency of definition.

I wrote the script for this video some time in 2005, at least a year before I started the blog. It reflects the earlier stages of my political awakening, when I was working out the basic stuff.

Finally, the most useful way to understand the word "patriarchy" is to know it as a feminist codeword for male power -- in whatever form such power might occur. I talk about this in another early essay, here:

What They don't want You to Know

So in the end, all the intellectual thickets of feminist "patriarchy theory" are nothing but cover or camouflage for the feminist drive to "empower" women by reducing male power as much as possible in every way. The feminists disagree on the details -- for example, the radfems would push it all the way to complete male genocide -- but they all agree that male power must be reduced.

However, the logic of all feminism spirals naturally in the direction of radical feminist thinking. For this reason, the Agent Orange files (or any similar material) are a kind of crystal ball, showing us where the future will naturally trend under the organic development of feminist innovation.

For the record, I do NOT believe the future will arrive in the form which the radfems hope for. Collateral forces of history will intervene in the dialectic and put a rude stop to it. Male power,  for good or for ill, will come barreling back. Hopefully, for good. And if some folks have their way, gynocentrism will never be the same again.

Download the Agent Orange files here:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting article. By extension, patriarchy=male power could also represent civilization itself since, by feminist interpretations, civilization itself is a patriarchal construct.

That being the case, feminist gender supremacy is also a revolutionist doctrine.

1:08 AM  

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