Saturday, October 20, 2012

Barbarosssaaa on Hypergamy and the Future

Barbarosssaaa was inspired to make this video after hearing certain remarks I made, as a guest, on a recent AVfM radio program.. 

Now, the program was short (as Barbarosssaaa points out) and I could only skim the surface of a few subjects. So in the end -- I gotta say this -- it was fluff. At any rate, I wrote to Barbarosssaaa, making my position more clear, and he understood me perfectly. 

Very well then, life goes on. I will address relevant concerns in the days and weeks ahead.


OpenID Eric said...

Yes, it was fluff.

I'm curious: where do you think this idea of 'hypergamy' comes from? Quite honestly, the tendency I've noticed of feminist women would be something more closely parallelling 'hypogamy'. The proclivity they have for pursuing dysfunctional males can't help but escape anyone's notice.

I don't know whether or not Barbarossa is a Game/PUA adherent or not; but I have noticed that any suggestion that modern female behavior is learned behavior seems to send Gamers into paroxysms of rage. Feminist behavior, though, is so contrary to nature, that it can ONLY be the product of miseducation and disinformation. Human evolution would be impossible if these traits were inborn.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


It wouldn't have been fluff if I'd had more time to expand on it.

No, Barbarossaaa is emphatically NOT a PUA adherent. He despises PUAs as much as I do.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbarossaa's entire premise is that divorced women with sons will participate in a MRA as a way of protecting their sons from feminist women.

This is incorrect. The vast majority of mothers will say the words "I will protect my son from a feminist woman and the divorce laws that favor her", but her actions speak different - they will do nothing. They will do nothing because they are members of the female club.

There is only one thing that women will ever understand. Power.

9:28 AM  
OpenID Eric said...

I would really like to hear your expanded thoughts on the subject.

Hypergamy is one of those issues with which I have a real problem. To me, the process of maturing as men or women involves accepting the idea of human imperfection.

For example, a normal, non-feminist woman would have an 'ideal' husband in mind: but would settle for someone who had a high percentage of those qualities. The same with men---it's a matter of realizing that idealistic perfection is largely subjective and maturity requires compromise.

Not only that, but I have seen very little evidence that women in feminist cultures have any interest at all in a 'bigger better deal' since they've been educated to believe that all men are subhumans and inferior to women generally. Most of their male mate selections reflect those attitudes.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Simpsons Didit said...

I posted my own video as a reply to barb's video on hypergamy.

I never made a video of our interview.

I just never got around to animating it yet.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally listened to the entire show this morning, pretty good actually. I also have listened to Barbarossa's hypergamy commentary/response and personally I really didn't get the level of response he put out, re the radio show, I like his points, agree in many ways, but I don't think it really was well matched to the discussion on the show, that's all.

You should do more of that type of thing Fidelbogen, you're as good off the cuff as you are with the scripted pieces, rare and refreshing especially these days when anyone with a mic and youtube connection is all of a sudden a star, even though they spend so much time rambling, repeating, etc.

I think the date posted here for the show incidentally was off by a day, this may have reduced the number of call-ins. Could that have been due to difference in time zones?

Anyways great show. I want to say something but might not be too well received all around, but, I often wish youtube speakers would do a little more in the direction of scripting, or even just make a roughed out plan before speaking, surprised how lazy some people can be with that, especially those with a lot of hits/subscribers, you'd think they would care more once the get an audience. Not gonna name names, at the moment anyway.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why Paul Elam and Stardusk keep saying "Fiddlebogen". Are they Paul Lamb and Stardust? Not like either of them seem to have any trouble pronouncing words. If they were to tighten up their pronunciation of others' names, maybe they could also both drop that California glottal stop every time they start a sentence. If they knew how it sounds, they would.

8:42 PM  

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