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Feminist Colonization of Human Communities

The feminist master strategy is to colonize every discernible human group, tribe or community it can lay its hands on. By so doing, the feminists both extend their influence, and destroy another non-feminist power base. The interesting thing is, that they are not particular about who or what they infiltrate. They care only that another power base has been knocked out of commission.

For example, it's all the same to them whether they colonize the Catholics, the Lutherans, the Pagans or. . . . (get ready). . .  the atheists! There is, at most, a thin dime's worth of difference between a Catholic feminist, a Lutheran feminist,  a Pagan feminist, or. . . . (get ready). . . an atheist feminist! Now, you might think there are critical differences among the aforementioned groups and many others we could name. But if you are a feminist, all of that pales to insignificance in light of the real feminist mission, which is to spread feminist power and control into every discernible human group or community and to render these worthless as non-feminist organizing venues.

So in the end, the Lutheran Church will be colonized by feminists with a radical, innovative theology, and little by little whatever is essential to Lutheranism will be cut out of the loop and discarded, and you will end with something that is "Lutheran" in name only, but certainly nothing that Martin Luther would sign his name to. 

And the Holy Roman Apostolic and Catholic Church will likewise get rotted from within, and replaced grain by grain with something completely alien -- similar to the process which forms petrified wood. And you will end with something that is "Catholic" in name only, but certainly nothing that St. Augustine, or St. Benedict, or the Apostle Paul would sign their names to. Nor the Pope. Well no, wait a minute, the Pope will probably sign to it because by then the Pope will probably be a woman, and a feminist to boot!

The Pagans? Goddess worship all the way! The Divine Feminine trumps all! Lunar moonbattery from wall to wall! Again.... you get the idea.

And that brings us to the atheists. Atheists are known for their methodological skepticism, their rationalism, their impartiality, their propensity for logic and the scientific method. All that sort of thing. But wait a minute --just let some little Drama Whore Attention Princess like Rebecca Watson get in there, and watch the fun! And I haven't even touched Atheism Plus and the Femistasi yet, have I?

At any rate, they'll still use their good old Atheistic Skepticism to pound the Lutherans, the Catholics, and every other flavor of Christianity from the outside, while feminist innovation guts those same targets from the inside. Meantime, atheist rationality will go into the icebox whenever feminism or sexual politics are in question, and the atheist community will never-but-never become a non-feminist power base of any sort.

In the end, each of these groups and communities, and many more besides, will be exploited for any feminist purpose that is deemed expedient, crippled as a potential non-feminist power base, sucked dry of whatever is essential to it, and finally discarded as you would toss away a melon after scooping the pulp out.

The "Lutheran" feminists and the "Catholic" feminists would then be so little different that they could roll their churches into one and hardly anybody would make a squeak about it. By then, they would be pagan in all but name, so they could easily invite the officially pagan feminists to join the club. Then they could at last turn their combined howitzers upon the atheists -- whose "rationality" (by now half-rotted from within) would not only be no longer necessary, but a positive hindrance to any projected religion of the Divine Feminine.

The master pattern that we ought to recognize here, is that feminist colonization of any human group, community, club, culture, industry, institution or what-have-you, serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it dismantles non-feminist space. Secondly, it transforms the broader culture by reducing it all to the common denominator of feminism.

Feminism was long ago conceived as a social revolution, and the only way this revolution can ever realize its project of complete societal transformation, is to reduce the entire culture to a fabric of identitarian uniformity. But in a culture as diverse as ours presently is, the only way to make that happen is to take control of non-feminist diversity, module by module. The proposed revolution cannot be leveraged uniformly across a cultural fabric which is so far from being uniform. So feminism is not contradicting itself when it colonizes opposing sides such as atheism and religionism, for in order to conquer both, it must infiltrate both. That way, whatever makes them diverse from each other, can be eviscerated in the only way possible: from within.

Keep in mind also, that feminists are false friends. That should be evident from most of the foregoing, given their long-term strategy of sapping from every community whatever is essential to it. But the betrayal can be even more immediate and poignant, given that even in the short-term they will flagrantly cast you to the wayside once you have ceased to be of use to them.

Here is an interesting PDF file which details feminist infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church in England. Understand, that I endorse no religious standpoint in this context, but simply present this as documentary evidence in the interest of scholarship:


Anonymous BC said...

Check out the latest in discrimination by feminists. They'd cry and whine and stamp their feet if men tried anything like this.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less where Feminism spreads to - as long as it results in more young women willing to come to my bed for a good old fashioned pump and dump. So I really couldn't care less.

For things like this to bother you, you have to have an agenda which differs from - "What is best for me?" I don't. So as long as in the end it benefits me, I really couldn't care less... Society is rocketing down the tubes, I am set up to survive, and enjoy the downfall.

Feminists have created men like me - so I am obviously what they crave, and the fact that they come to my bed as easily as they do proves that. Of course, I'm NOT the sucker that pays for it - that is your mistake. You want to be a "nice guy" and not be a sucker - you can't. So enjoy what they hand you - just don't make the mistake of ever caring, that is a slippery-slope to destruction.

Care only for yourself -

8:49 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


You are welcome to your undoubtedly controversial opinion.

However, your statement lacks nuance, and does not address the discourse which the blog post establishes.

Furthermore, you commit the offense of making your addressee the topic of the discussion, in the two sentences beginning with "Of course, I'm NOT . .". That is an invalid procedure, a violation of protocol, and voids the entirety of your statement.

As a final thought, it appears that your understanding of feminism, as a sociopolitical phenomenon, is shallow and politically naive.

12:02 PM  
OpenID Eric said...

Great analysis. Feminism is a revolutionist ideology. They see any and all organized ideological institutions: church, political parties, academia, sciences---all of it---as vestiges of 'patriarchy'.

It doesn't matter to them what guise they take, but female supremacy (what you term Gynocentrism) is the one point on which they will never comprise; and that's the surest way to spot them as infiltrators.

8:50 PM  
OpenID Eric said...

'Feminists created men like me... and so I am obviously what they crave...'

This why PUAs play right into feminist hands. Think over very carefully what you just said here, and realize that, for the 'pumping and dumping' that you're doing: YOU are the one who's being manipulated and used by the feminists. Because, by your own admission, THEY created you.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This why PUAs play right into feminist hands. Think over very carefully what you just said here, and realize that, for the 'pumping and dumping' that you're doing: YOU are the one who's being manipulated and used by the feminists. Because, by your own admission, THEY created you.

So, Eric, what part of the Law of Unintended Consequences did you not understand?

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think trying to get laid all the time with women you might not really even want to know is immature frat boy stuff. When you grow up, you may find it doesn't look all that great. I'd rather just sleep alone than wake up with someone I don't really want to talk to in a straightforward and honest way. I could see where feminists would offer a fairly broad field for the pua to work in however since their thought processes tend to be shut down, and they don't know the difference who they sleep with anyway. Just like you.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


I think we should go easy on "frat boy" stereotypes, especially since the feminists are so keen on promoting those stereotypes anyway.

Fraternities, you know, are bastions of male space, and the feminists have made clear that they wish to put fraternities out of business. (Quite understandably, since they wish to abolish male space as much as possible. They also wish to abolish non-feminist space as a whole, but within that range, expressly male space is target priority number one.)

1:09 PM  
OpenID Eric said...

Think about 'unintended consequences' very carefully. Who is 'giving' you sex in exchange for your 'correct behavior'? You think you're manipulating them? It's well the other way around.

And don't forget as well that these women have a considerable legal hammer that they can drop on you at will. THAT will be an unintended consequence too.

6:47 PM  

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