Friday, October 19, 2012

Fidelbogen the Villain Twirls his Moustaches

Ah....the perils of Pauline!

All right. Here is the feminist art of lying, demonstrated by a master -- Buntzums of YouTube, she of the lead-based paint! Can you spot, or even take a shrewd guess, at how and where she is playing loosey-goosey with things?

Here's a hint: I did not "send" her anything. I posted it on her channel just like any other commenter would do. . . .

Here's another hint: In the second portion, I did not actually say what she paraphrases me as saying. She is being "creative" and "interpretive" -- although it is true the the word "policy" did appear.

And a third hint, which is not so obvious: In the rest of her original video, she details several other "threats" that she got on her channel, and illustrates these generously with screen caps. But in my case alone, for some reason, the screen caps weren't quite so critically important.


Blogger Simpsons Didit said...

Hey fidelbogen, It seems my video has attracted the attention of some feminists.

However I don't have any evidence because none of the feminists have commented on the video or sent me any messages.

Keep an eye out for any youtube feminists commenting on the video.


6:11 AM  
OpenID Eric said...

You'd better careful now! If you're suspected of having violent intentions towards women, you'll wind up knee-deep in marriage proposals, female fan-mail, and love-letters!

Maybe this Youtuber has her amorous designs on you already! Notice how hopeful she sounded about a 'threat'! LOL

Just look at Joran Vandersloot, he killed two (known) women and gets conjugal visits in prisons. James Holmes became an overnight sensation after gunning down women and children in a theatre. And then there's Charles Manson...&c.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think "Buntzums" is not far removed from "Femitheist" in rationality and thinking. I saw the video and attempt to wring a threat out of your post about a month ago - so if one mention's for example Occam's razor, this is really just threatening imagery, not a philosophical concept, etc. I think one might experience similar verbal pitfalls in attempting to have a discussion with a North Korean party member.

I am also of a mind to point out the similarity between other fembots and Femitheist whenever convenient, it's a connection that might be widely recognized and helpful in getting others to make that connection, and similarity in thinking, I mean "thinking".

10:01 AM  

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