Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Men's Rights Edmonton - Vlog Number 4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another man who is trying to use logic to expose feminism fraud.

Message to Vlog guy ....
Using logic doesn't work with feminists. It never has because they have said they wanted equality, but it has never been true.

It's time to for action!!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Anon: Yes, we all know that logic doesn't work with feminists, but that is not the only reason we use logic.

We use logic as a tool to expose feminism to the world. After all, OTHER people still do use logic.

Think strategy.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Re: Your call for action. I agree It is time for a coordinated, planetwide uprising against the feminist power structure in all of its manifestations, both temporal and spiritual. An all-points bulletin must be issued, and circulated through every nation on earth.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@405 If you go to the Men's Rights Edmonton channel on youtube and see his other videos, I think you'll see he is doing some good things, and not just talking.

One thing I've learned here and exercise when convenient, is, no, I don't attempt to reason with a feminist, or irrational people in general. Instead, I simply make statements of truth and logic when convenient. If talking to an ideologue, energy is not wasted when you briefly TELL them what's what. They hate that. Then go back to what you're doing. There are all kinds of distraction in life, crying babies, barking dogs, shut it out completely and go about the good day. Be sure to smile, they don't seem to like that either. Makes them think you're up to something, since, you know, whatever it is, it must be about them.

Could feminism's greatest weakness be that after all is said and done, most women are still crazy about men? Are they trying to kill the thing they love most?

8:29 AM  

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