Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Misogyny"? Meh!

When such trends occur in advertising and popular entertainment media, you can be sure it is happening for a reason. The reason is, that the media people who create this stuff have done their homework and know exactly what the market will bear. In the present case, they are appealing to. . . a certain demographic, let us say. These media people have concluded that a certain demographic will not only not object to what is being portrayed, but will in many cases enjoy it and applaud it. Time will tell whether these media people are right or wrong in their assessment. I suppose it all hinges upon a certain demographic, and its capacity to process certain realities at a collective mind level, and finally, to transmit the collective message that they "get it."

As I say, time will tell.

P.S. This puts me in mind of a rich and mellow old joke: Q: Why are feminists obsessed with popular culture? A: Because they are too dense to appreciate the classics!

But seriously, I do understand why feminists are obsessed with popular culture. Indeed, pop culture offers as good a core sample of the collective psyche as you'll find anywhere at all.  And it's a pity that the feminists are not obsessed enough with it, that their obsession is "blind in one eye" and therefore does not see the kind of stuff that is portrayed in the video shared above. So I think I may be forgiven if I, for my own part, do not see the kind of stuff that the feminists are caterwauling about. That sounds fair enough, don't you think so? Goosey-goosey-gander!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, great video. I might add, just look at the body language of the woman in the insurance commercial, she sticks a paper into his face. What would be the response of the opposite, with a man holding a sheet of paper directly in a woman's face to make a point?

I personally think most commercials are shit, people who contrive advertising generally have no scruples whatsoever as to how they achieve their goals, so that insulting men while pandering the female egos is a non issue to them. (Of course, the fact that some women feel shamed into shaving their armpits is not a result of same advertising lack of scruples, it's because of the patriarchy making them ashamed of their body.) I do believe as the vid seems to suggest that the ads are an indicator popular mindset, or conversely, as what is an acceptable portrayal of the popular mindset.

So it comes to mind that lately I have been watching the sitcom "Big Bang Theory" with an older friend who likes it and it gives us something in common to chuckle about. Big Bang has some good one liners but I generally hold ninety-nine percent of sitcoms in the same category as advertising, including this one. I can remember as a kid looking forward to the perfect Friday night, laying about the tv with some popcorn and watching "Brady Bunch". I saw a bit of it on tv a couple years ago and couldn't help but notice what utter crap it is as entertainment, but also how obviously it was used to propagandize whatever the pc values of the day were, thereby educating me, since evidently I'm so stupid I needed a sitcom to teach me what my values, as were parents of children who watch the show, evidently in their opinion.

I bring this up because regarding this video and the trend it shows in advertising - I've seen maybe six of seven episodes of Big Bang. I've already seen one of these guys punched in the face because he thought one of his girl buds was interested in him. It's acknowledged that he messed up big, the nerd with a bandage on his face is just a dummy, and isn't that oh so funny. The girl punched her friend because he, shudder, tried to kiss her, well that's also cute and funny. In another episode, three geeky guys are cowed by a larger guy who shamelessly steals from them (he's a bratty guy, guys steal things in this universe, cause they're so stupid), but then a woman comes along and sets things straight, she easily takes him down by kicking him in the crotch, the spineless geeks are saved and all their problems are solved. It sure is funny to see a woman kick a man in the crotch. The reverse anyone? No thanks. It's actually not funny to see women get kicked and punched. But why again is it so funny when men do?

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great documentary.

What I think is not realized here is actually how negatively women are being portrayed. While the media wants to portray women as superior, what I take away from a lot of these ads is that:

1) Women are smug.
2) Women have a sense of superiority.
3) Women say "no" more than they say yes, making them much less fun than men.
4) Women can't take a joke.

Not sure which I'd rather be - a doofus or an absolute bitch.

So, while I think the intent is to infer that women are superior, I believe there are also may be some unintended consequences or stereotypes that end up getting enforced.

I find myself wondering if the stereotypes about women aren't so far from the truth. Most women can't take a joke. It's not really polite in this society to make jokes about women. They take themselves and their superiority very seriously...

8:32 PM  

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