Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not All Chambers in the Revolver are Loaded

The following political statement was recently posted online by a pro-male activist from India:

"So, to men who have been through the wringer, when a woman says “not all women are like that,” what we hear sounds like “not all chambers in that revolver are loaded.” The suggestion, of course, is that because not all women are like that, we might as well give it another try.

"If somebody handed you a revolver with three loaded chambers and three empty ones and said, “go ahead and aim this at your head and pull the trigger — not all the chambers are loaded,” would you go along with the suggestion? Of course not. It would be sheer folly.

"NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That – is in fact true, so what’s the real reason this argument has been forcefully rejected by so many men? We all know that there are good women out there, including some who comment here, in our families, at work and in neighborhoods all over the land, so why shouldn’t we listen to women who tell us this is the case?

"What it really comes down to is risk. The problem is not that all women are horrible — it’s simply that a lot of them are, and we have no assurance that the nice girl who is smiling and saying she loves you won’t at some point destroy your life. The reality today is that a woman does have that power, just like a round in a revolver’s chamber."
This statement, in its entirety, gets the Fidelbogen stamp of approval.  These words  are not my own, but they might as well be. I find nothing irrational or morally amiss in these words. I find nothing in them but plain truth manfully spoken.

All right, many of you presently reading this are feminists, aren't you? And you are emotional reasoners, aren't you? And so you want to tell me that the statement quoted above is "misogynistic", don't you?

Very well . . . so why don't you? Go on feminist, log into comments right this instant and explain to me why  the statement quoted above is "woman-hating". You know you want to say this, so god damn you, speak up! Get in here right now and defend your position! Just do it!

But feminist, you will never do this, will you? And that is because you are a chickenshit intellectual coward, and you know you haven't got a leg to stand on. Cluck-cluck-cluck!

P.S. I have learned that the statement quoted above was originally published on the Spearhead, and only re-posted by the activist in question. Not that this is critically important, but I have updated the post to reflect that information. The sentiment expressed remains valid as ever, and the challenge stands, as per any demonstrated "woman-hating" in the words cited. Protip: personal feelings about the alleged author's alleged character are not in question here, or in any similar case. Words alone are what matters.


Blogger Simpsons Didit said...

Here is my stance on NAWALT,

During courtship both sexes have a tendency to act extra nice.

Nice girls are not rare however chameleons also exist.

Be ready with an escape plan at the first sign of trouble.

Vigilance is a must because all grass eaters.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If disappointed women said NAMALT, would it be equally justified, or less so? Not arguing... at all, really, it's something I wonder about and after some of the vids I've heard from certain youtube mra-ish sorts, well, the whole hypergamy thing, and other traits seemingly inherent to the female... that often seem supported by the women I've known in my life. Don't want to get too far off here... but has anybody ever wanted to say, women weren't given more of certain types of power in the past, because, they've behaved this way all along, and this was understood and adapted to, just as gradually as evolution?

6:47 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Anon647: Yes, I will say that what you suggest at the end of your comment has sometimes occurred to me in hypothetical, speculative way. However, my position on that point remains officially agnostic. I have drawn no conclusion either one way or the other.

8:30 PM  

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