Friday, October 19, 2012

The Men's Rights Movement in India

The following was recently posted by Sumanth, a men's rights activist in India. In India, the word "MRA" is taken quite seriously because it really means something. You don't call yourself an "MRA" in India unless you have a definite skill set with an established track record of boots-on-the-ground activism: 
"We are starting a Men's Rights Activism Institute in India very soon. It will be called "Men's Rights/Masculinism Leadership Educational Platform".

"Indian Movement already has well established Men's Helpline structures and weekend support group meetings in about 20 odd cities, catering to a population of at least 100 million people (India's population is 1250 million). Men just have to call the helplines if they are abused or they are facing allegations from wife. They are guided to weekend meetings and coached there. The new Educational Institute will drastically improve the quality of guidance and coaching.

"Indian movement is also focused on motivational speaking and developing men's rights leadership, which is often known as "Commando Training"; that is commandos who will eliminate feminist terrorism. The commando trainings are based on many psychological and spiritual techniques. We Indians are lucky enough to have many ancient and modern techniques available at arms length. Many trainers have Business Management (MBA) Degrees.

"Indian movement gets more than 1000 articles (and TV programs) involving men's rights in Main Stream Media alone.

"Indian Men's Rights Activists have regularly testified in Indian Parliament about laws related to divorce, domestic violence and sexual harassment. One of the main results of this is, the huge political correctness that got built around misuse of "Indian Domestic Violence Laws". Today, it is politically incorrect in India to deny abuse of domestic violence laws.

"We have a long way to go. This is just the beginning. We plan for a 50 year activism to reduce misandry to 10% of current levels. The day is not far when we will own management institutes, which will have specialisations on male studies. We already have professors and some real estate. We will establish the institutes in next 5 to 10 years."
For your additional viewing pleasure, here is some information about that "Commando Training" which he mentions:


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