Monday, November 12, 2012

A Temptation to Bittersweet "Misogyny"

Roughly speaking, what Stardusk says about "women" in this video, I will say about "feminism".  In fact, I have been saying it for years. I do indeed make a distinction between female and feminist. However Stardusk, and a  fast-growing number of other men, are prepared to write off female nature as a fundamentally mercenary nature. That is, they believe that "feminism" is actually female nature itself. They're a tad bit harsh that way, aren't they?

But you know what? I plan to remain agnostic upon that question. I do not pretend to know if feminism is the macro-political expression of a mercenary female nature. So I am leaving open the gate of possibility to any female individual anywhere who wants to walk through it, and by walking through it prove that guys like Stardusk and Barbarosssaaa are wrong.

Furthermore, I am waiting and watching for a cultural trend among women. Will women rise to the occasion. . . or won't they? I reckon time will tell. . . .won't it?

But in case anybody wonders, I am a pessimist, I think we are screwed, and I think that Fempocalypse in one form or another is on its way. I reallly do. And yet, ironically, I proceed as if there is hope, because no matter how hopeless things look, hope is always at least as rational as despair -- if not more so.


Anonymous Ulrox said...

Greetings. My mother is not at all feministic and generally very different from other women in that she doesn't care much about social things... I believe sadly that it is the PUA world and their ilk that have created this belief that females are mercenary - and it is easier to remain negative and label every woman you meet as mercenary instead of being hopeful and then getting your hopes crushed. I believe this is why many men will see women as mercenary...

I'm schizotypal and as such I've met this autistic girl who is not at all mercenary. She is very counterfeminism in her nature and it is beautiful to watch... Feminism and mercinariness is a tendency not a rule. It is the same as saying that all men rape. Which we dont.

I also read most of this guy's book - ... In his book he writes that females are much like petulant children in their nature... I find this more likely than them being mercenary, but men can also be petulant children... I think it is normal for most men and women who have grown up in this new feministic society to demand :"THINGS" :"STUFF" and so the tendency towards being a petulant child and a feministic male-child female-child comes from that... It is cultural not our nature. :)

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... I've been poking around on the "Manhood Academy" site and videos just recently, couldn't help but wonder what some others think of the whole thing. I think the weakness of the whole thing is that it puts people and gender into a little bit too narrow of a box (so to speak). In a free world, free society where ideologues do not successfully make a grab for institutional and legal control, and the language etc., I think there would be all kinds of men, women, relationships, and so forth. I do agree the model put forth on the manhood101 site would work for a lot of people. I personally do find that most women have a kind of inner baby/princess that must be dealt with or it will take control of everything it can, and rule quite badly, but this could be said of men as well. There's a childish, narcissistic view of what it means to lead, this comes from a lack of culture and education, lack of upbringing, in this area. The "alpha" concept is misleading in popular culture, we're not a bunch of wolves, we can behave democratically in many spheres, it's part of the problem that every individual is constantly grasping to be the big dog, now we have women attempting to be a part of this rat race, as if they didn't already have a share of that pie, only in a different sphere. Okay, I do go on. I will say that regarding this stardusk video which I also coincidentally just watched, I fall somewhere in between, with disclaimer that perhaps not quite agnostic as Fidelbogen, I keep an open mind. I think if you choose to spend your life with a woman, you better know who you are, and if you're the leader, then understand what leading is, and do it, or she will betray and dump you as a consequence of human nature. I believe it is comparable to dancing incidentally. Women will "backlead" if at all possible, but the men they most want to dance with, will not allow it, at all.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Ulrox said...

Anon: I remember chatting with the guy who does manhood academy. He wouldnt even awknowledge my schizotypal disorder. I suspect the reason is because he sees the reason that you're on pills because of feminism, which when you're hearing voices and having compulsive thoughts... Well I guess I'd just say that I think he has a need to put things into boxes, but ahh well.

Add some general american hatred of medicine and lack of understanding of it and tada!

It should not come as a surprise that I think his view is a bit too simplistic then, but as a rule I think its a good pointer.

I can attest to men having an inner princess too sometimes... If they get everything they point at in their childhood then they dont function socially.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Female nature = All of the power, none of the responsibility.

That pretty much sums up what Feminism is all about too. Nothing surprising here - just standard girls being girls...

Once you understand the above, you can use a woman's nature against her, and she will do the same thing over and over again - no matter how many times the results are the same. It's like the Chimpanzee that can't overcome their animal nature when it comes to food. Even when they understand that if they give the food to another Chimp, they will get 2x as much for themselves, if you put food in front of them, they will grab it, and get more and more upset that they cannot overcome that.

You can't fault them for being wired that way - they just are. Females are the same... It's how they are wired, so enjoy...

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for thoughtful input. As for the 'academy', I think it speaks that from poking around the site, well, only five or ten minutes, I don't really know what the academy is, is there a building, are they charging for the 'lectures', is it purely a mission, as in, free...?

Yeah, one problem with the whole hypergamy thing is, women are no angels, but neither are men. If there's a decline in longterm marriages, perhaps it's largely because marriages used to be functional, people didn't stay together only because of loyalty, but because of need.

My thoughts on hypergamy, since I opened that box here, is simply, yes, it exists, and what is important is that we don't have a culturalized, legal or institutional bias which favors one sex over the other, and it does appear to me that much of the overt desire on part of feminists to privilege themselves above men is an expression of their hypergamy. They want to believe that their own shit doesn't stink, and they demand that everyone else believe it too.

Good luck with your disorder, hope you find relief.

The Plum guy seems to have a very specific set of beliefs, I've wondered if he is a particular religion or what, his take on the role of women seems, well, pretty distinctive, like he's following a line, I'd be surprised if he thought all of that up just on his own experience.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@920, so, females cannot attain character...? Not possible, or simply rare, or?

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the real problem over at manhood101 is that the boys in charge of it have no idea what manhood is. They're subscribing to the exact same set of values that feminism pushes as the 'patriarchal society.'

The fact is, there are elements of truth in some of they statements they make; however, their thought process in arriving at those statements is so flawed that it ends up detracting from the content.

Evil exists in both genders and the angst ridden adolescent whining and screaming over at manhood101 that's immediately starts anytime anyone attempts to debate them proves that they aren't really interested in being a forum for rational discourse.

I for one will avoid the propaganda machine and continue to feel sorrow for anyone (but especially young mend) that they manage to dupe into joining their mob.

7:38 PM  

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