Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Conversation at the Crossroad

The accompanying (screen-capped) YouTube exchange has recently occurred between myself, a person who signs as "DarkAquarian", and another person who signs as "Captn Huffy". (Click to enlarge.) It begins with DarkAquarian's remark, which I found irritating and ignorant. My response to DarkAquarian follows directly, and Captn Huffy's response to me (which is the crown jewel here!) rounds off the talk. Captn Huffy's point is well said, but in addition I hope you will see the advantage of casting off "MRA" as a label, and adopting the vague, teflon-coated appellative of "non-feminist". This label stubbornly defies branding and stereotypification, and allows you to intellectually "write your own ticket" in most any conversation. And that is what I, myself, am constantly doing: writing my own ticket.


Anonymous Ulrox said...

I dont think men going their own way and counter feminist youtubers are like feminists. Like you, I agree that they definately want men to be free from feminism. The reason this can be seen to be like feminism is because both can be percieved to be creating a crevice between the two genders. Because men going their own way and mra's in general enlighten people about the fact that the crevice exists it can appear like they are the creators of it when in reality they are just illuminating the existence of it so that you dont fall into it.

The more extreme part of the MRA circle still serve to enlighten and show things from different perspectives whereas feminist generally only uses dogma and their emotions to opfuscate - not enlighten. This is the profound difference between the two. I think if mgtow's saw a possibility for the genders to stand together - they would take it instantly, but as it is - they dont and we should ask ourselves why that is.

3:12 PM  
OpenID Eric said...

Again the PUAs show their true colors.

You and Captain Huffy were correct; although I would qualify Huffy's comment by stating that the natural feminine desire for security has perverted by feminism into a 'will to power'. Which actually does negate the idea of security since political power is inherently unstable, even less so than formerly 'oppressed' women were in monogamy.

As for shedding the MRA label: it's more difficult for characters like PUAs to attack as well; to do so they would have to admit that they are really pro-feminist.

6:14 PM  

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