Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feminism Breeds "Misogyny"

"Misogyny", that is, bad male feeling about women, takes many different forms and happens for many different reasons. Indeed, "misogyny" is anything but monolithic. And as one who is more-than-normally in the know about such things, I can attest that the growth rate of "misogyny" is accelerating among men everywhere on earth.

 Sometimes women are to blame for fostering "misogyny". However, the chief culprit is not women, but the set of practices known as  feminism, together with its practitioners both male and female.

As for men qua men, they are the very LAST force I would hold accountable for the present state of affairs. In fact, I hardly blame "men" at all. More often than otherwise they are absolutely justified in feeling the way they feel. And I cannot hold them amiss for it. 

Yes ladies, men in growing numbers are pondering you in a mood of cold, cynical, acid contempt. It ain't pretty, and it ain't slowing down.

And  I would have you know that feminism is actively encouraging this trend, and making it unavoidable.. That is because feminism has been instrumental, for many years, in generating the conditions under which "misogyny" is guaranteed to flourish and proliferate. And the feminists show no hint of repentence, or any sign that they mean to slacken their pace.

Yes, I blame feminism for "misogyny".

Ladies, if I were you, I would be gravely concerned about all this, and I would be doing whatever I could to educate myself about the situation. And I would be speaking out loudly and harshly against feminism, denouncing it in no uncertain terms and digging my claws into it any way I could.

That is precisely what I would be doing. . . . if I were you.


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