Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feminist "Impersonates" the Green River Killer

Somebody on Facebook, who goes by the name of "Gary Ridgeway", has gotten onto the friends list of some of you. In case you don't know, Gary Ridgway is none other than the Green River killer. So this Facebook individual clearly wants to trump up a story that non-feminist people are friendly toward serial killers. It wouldn't surprise me if this individual were none other than David Futrelle, a.k.a. Manboobz. I believe he is capable of such antics, and we all know that he is keen to link people who challenge feminism  with any-or-everything violent.

Anyhow, my pro-male friends, please do unfriend, or refuse to friend, this "Gary Ridgeway" person.



OpenID Eric said...

It wouldn't surprise me if our chubby friend David wasn't at least instigating these shenanigans. It's a feminist mantra that every man is a potential rapist or serial killer; so not surprisingly a poser would pick a name like that.

5:41 PM  

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