Sunday, November 04, 2012

Men's Rights Edmonton -- Vlog No. 5

Mr. Duckman and I have spent hours conferring about these and related matters, and I can attest that we are of  like mind on all the main points, although we differ on a few details. The core idea of building pro-male communities among people who don't need convincing, takes priority over preaching to the willfully ignorant or even to the lukewarm. It is from such communities that power bases are constructed, layer by layer. And we don't need anything near a majority to begin dominating the public discourse in a targeted region -- e.g. a city or a college campus.

Building local communities is, of course, a micro-strategy. We have not yet discussed macro (or wide net) strategies, but we'll get to it. 

As to the question "what's your job?", I will answer that my job is to agitate, theorize, write pamphlets, plant ideas like seeds, and spend time talking to all manner of people behind the scenes, doing whatever I can to grease the wheels and facilitate things. 


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