Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some Excellent News

This is off-topic for the blog, but I am happy to hear that Colorado and Washington state have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. After all, feminism is not the only Big Evil Thing that throws a shadow across our  lives. The War on Drugs is mighty high on the scale of infamy, too, and it destroys the lives of even more cool, decent, honest MEN than false rape conviction does!

So here is a New York Times article about these latest developments:

Really, what's not to like about such developments? Full legalization would generate revenues, boost economies, take a bite out of the cartels and domestic thugs too, break down the prison-industrial complex, pave the way for many useful blessings that hemp can bring us, and infuse a mellowed-out philosophy into the minds of more people. Another nice thing about pot is, that it's a "gateway" drug -- meaning it can be a gateway leading people AWAY FROM smack, crack, methamphetemines, rotgut booze, etc, etc.....

And something else: it is nice to talk about such things on this blog! This is not the kind of baggage I hesitate to bring on board the ship, since I know it would do my cause zero political damage to be linked to the pro-hemp community -- which tends to be populated by lefty-progressive types. You see, most human beings dearly love their stereotypologies, and lefty-progressive types, who are notorious for henpecking other people about the sin of stereotyping, are among the guiltiest of offenders in that department.

Lefty-progressives are also, on average, more apt to be kneejerk supporters of feminism than any other discernible cohort. So picture their queasy discomfiture when Fidelbogen, the "misogynistic anti-feminist dude", moves right into their cultural neighborhood and throws a comradely arm around their shoulders!

I just love to scramble people's cultural radar, don't you??

All right.  Instead of going to a Tea Party rally, or an NRA rally, or whatever you had in mind, consider showing up at the Seattle Hempfest. Circulate among the crowd and strike up a conversation with some likely-looking "suckers". As you pass the pipe back and forth, impress them with your wit, your intelligence, your natural charm and charisma. Be a thoroughly delightful fellow. Make them laugh; make them smile. Then, when a righteous buzz has been copped all around, casually remove your jacket to reveal a t-shirt with some gem of "MRA" wisdom upon it. Note the stilted, wooden expressions which your new friends suddenly acquire. Watch them squirm. Feel the air temperature drop several degrees in the immediate vicinity. Above all, relish the effect you are having on them.

But wait a minute! I don't want to stereotype anybody! Perhaps, instead of giving you the hairy eyeball, their eyes will light up and you will know yourself to be in the presence of allies. And then a lively conversation will follow, and they will tell you about their circle of friends who are also fed up with feminism but fearful of speaking out within their general peer group.

Hey, you never know!



OpenID paulmurray said...

Legalised dope will not generate revenue, because anyone can grow it. This is precisely why the booze and tobacco industries have been so adamantly opposing it for so long. It will also gut the prison industry.

Why yes! Where did your *think* all the money (i.e.:bribes) for the WOD was coming from?

8:04 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Legalised dope will not generate revenue, because anyone can grow it."

This assumes that everybody and his Aunt Sally in fact WILL grow it.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone can make booze. I've done it myself (beer and wine). But it is still big business and makes lots of revenue for the tax man.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if it will direct tourism and out of state cash to Colorado, giving it an advantage over surrounding states, and then causing them to consider legalization as well.

One of the the best reasons to legalize is that it was not made illegal for legitimate reasons, and remains considerably safer than the two most popular legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and almost certainly, safer than many of the available prescription pain relievers, and certainly the various mood drugs, many of which have a list of "rare but significant side effects" including "increased suicidal thoughts" (which do in fact lead to suicide), and also - "may cause large pharmaceutical companies to become wealthy and further lobby the government to sell you still more habit forming and potentially dangerous drugs."

7:43 PM  

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