Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Don't Make Threats: We Make Predictions.

Here is somebody who agrees with me. Somebody who gets it. I like it when that happens!

However, notwithstanding that I have provided a link, I wish to quote, in full, the item of interest from that website, so that you can read it both here and there if you wish. Here is what the writer had to say concerning an article of mine on AVfM last July:
Fidelbogen: The non-feminist coalition rejects violence

I don't want personal accountability enthusiasts to take any of this the wrong way. I lean libertarian myself haha... But lets be clear. The men in society who do shitty things absolutely deserve punishment. But what we've been completely unwilling to do for the most part, is figure out the reasons WHY men are acting out.

Men know why they act out on a micro level. They know their life story and the hardships they faced. None of it excuses the behavior mind you, but they atleast understand it on a personal/individual level. Mom or dad beat the shit out of them as a kid and no one cared. Mom or dad raped them and no one cared. They were drugged up for "misbehavior" in school. They were jumped on numerous occasions and the only people who showed any concern was family, but even they told the kid to tough it out like everyone else in society told the kid to tough it out. They were punched and laughed at. They were treated like a dog by every girlfriend they ever had; or rejected in embarrassing ways by every girlfriend they wanted to have. They had their kids ripped away from their life by a personality disordered woman and the courts who sided with her. They came into this life having a piece of their dick chopped off; a level of traumatic pain that no adult should experience let alone a newborn. They went to war and came back a gimp to a society that didn't care about them; or a wife and family that didn't care about them. They drank the pain away, or drugged it away living on the streets. Men understand their personal pain very well. And a lot of it ends up expressing itself in suicide, delinquency, deadbeat fathering, rape, violent crime etc..

Men don't seem to understand it on a macro level however. In a sense, they don't understand how a lot of these experiences are gendered. They don't need to in order to make it perfectly clear that they are suffering. We've been content not being receptive to the pain of men. We think that the only way to solve all of this acting out by men is to punish it more severely... And it hasn't worked. Big surprise. We don't want to understand it; find the root cause of it and try to fix those root causes before it leads to more crime, more shitty behavior, more rape, more violence etc... And as Fidelbogen points out, it WILL get more and more violent in this society. It will get more and more ugly. We will continue to have more and more prisoners. We will continue to have fatherless homes. It isn't a threat, it's an accurate prediction.

So if you're fine with the status quo... If you think we've done an excellent job policing men and creating model male citizens; or that we're on our way to doing such things if we can JUST get more feminist theory and more literature on rape culture/patriarchy/wage gap out into the public... We'll solve the issue of testosterone by shaming the fuck out of it. Then be happy with the results that breeds.
What the writer fails to mention is that men won't be the only ones who "act out" in a dysfunctional manner. I mean, this is a social ecology that we live in, and the disease is by its nature pandemic. Women will catch it too! And more feminism will only pour benzine on the fire. So, more feminism is the worst thing that could possibly happen to us. To all concerned: this is not a threat. This is a prediction. And. . . you have been warned. So, the ball is in your court, and the responsibility is yours. I have fulfilled my own responsibility by issuing this warning, and by openly renouncing feminism BY NAME. Now, let's see you follow.


OpenID Eric said...

Feminism is a revolutionary doctrine; by definition it is contrary to human nature. Is it surprising then, that its imposition would bring about widespread social dysfunction?

Raise boys in homes where 'heroic single moms' slut around with human cockroaches and carry on about how all men are pigs; teach them constantly that they are subhuman and inferiors; and let them watch women throw themselves at dysfunctional thugs: what kind of men does anybody expect from such an environment?

5:51 PM  

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