Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Have Launched a New Blog

I have launched a new blog, by the name of CounterSnippets. You will find it here:


The purpose of this blog, is to serve as a meme-dispersion device. It is called "counter snippets" because it features snippets of counter-feminist philosophy -- sometimes one or two sentences, but typically a short paragraph. Each snippet is designed to be memorable, and to stick in the reader's mind. Having done so, it may take root and grow like a seed.

The targeted mind may embrace the material, or reject it. That doesn't matter. The goal is to spread memes and to impart a certain intellectual flavor to the cultural ideosphere. And it is proposed to accomplish this, as metaphorically suggested, by scattering seeds upon the wind.

Onside persons are invited to participate in the work by propagating these snippets in the ideosphere through such media as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, e-mail, hyperlinks, and physical paper in the offline world.

To become a Twitter follower, look up @fidelbogen

You will note that Share buttons are conveniently placed at the bottom of each post.


Anonymous BASTA! said...

Scriptural verse format - a proven solution in the field of meme transmission :)

1:22 PM  

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