Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keep Your Eye on SFU

I have it from inside sources there will be a "poking of the beehive" at Simon Fraser University  (in Vancouver BC) in just a few days time. Hopefully this will rile up a swarm. SFU, you may know, is a hive of feminism and affiliated lockstep lefto-fascism. Does anybody remember the shit storm that happened earlier this year when the proposal for (gasp!!) a campus Men's Centre was put forward? So we shall be disappointed if the anti-male elements on campus don't raise a ruckus when the projected action goes down in the near future. I will keep you posted.

By the way, so far as I know, the SFU Men's Centre has been approved, and the project is moving ahead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Men's Centre - talk about a shit-storm in the making... I have seen the destruction women have wrought with their continued discontent. I gave up long ago on ever seeing a "happy woman" and the reason is simple - everything a woman was evolved to be, they are taught from childhood to despise. So they crave what they cannot admit - although I have stopped listening and just treat them the way they want, and will never admit.

They are spoiled children, wanting a man to tell them to "cut the crap" and hold them accountable. Those men that do are in high demand - those that don't are used like the emotional tampons they are.

6:39 AM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

I do take the ruckus that occurred over the men's centre seriously.

However; I guarantee this...

If they wanted to spell it "center" instead of "centre" - there would have been an even bigger ruckus.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Crow, I believe that "centre" is how they would spell it in Canada.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Pvblivs said...

     I may be mistaken. But it looks like you are trying to connect feminism to "all things left." This is innappropriate for two reasons. First, feminism holds no such allegiance. Second, both the left and the right have legitimate points (as well as bad positions) and attempting to connect feminism with either of them allows it to deflect criticism onto those legitimate points. Feminism should be treated as alone and not attached to any other political thought.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Pvblivs, you are indeed mistaken. I do not connect feminism with "all things left". In fact, I connect feminism with left and right equally (as I have made clear elsewhere).

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pvblivs, feminism is very much left. What rock have you been sleeping under for the past 40 years? Once feminism becomes a stem of government, it is both sides for it becomes a government department like finance, health, etc. It comes under women not feminism and won't accept women unless they are feminists or come into government department another way (that's how the right gets in).

6:12 PM  

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