Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Men's Rights Edmonton -- Vlog No. 7

One of those feminists, as we are told, refused to debate with Eric Duckman on the grounds that he was a "joke". Well feminists, guess what? I, Fidelbogen, am a post-argumentalist.  That means that I am not interested in "debate". I am beyond that. The only reason I would ever wish to speak with you at all, would be to explain things to you and to lay out my list of non-negotiable demands. While we were at it, we could bring up negotiable items as well. But the point is, that when you deal with me, you are dealing with a sovereign power that owes you no answers. Do you understand what that means? Well I hope so.You may think I am a joke, or you may think otherwise, but either way you must negotiate with me. And if you refuse to do so, I will interpret your refusal as a stance of aggression, and take measures in my best interest. So swallow your pride if you know what's in YOUR best interest.

However, as you see, people like Eric Duckman are still willing to "debate" with you. I can't imagine why, but they are willing. And if you refuse their offer, that says something about YOU....doesn't it? Well why don't you take a dare and take them up up on it? This might actually make you feel better, as opposed to stewing in your fear and guilt -- that must be a terrible way to live!

I will leave you with a question. How can you possibly know if Eric Duckman, a true son of the Alberta prairie, has "thought deeply" about these things if you refuse to talk deeply, with him, about what he thinks?  Have you held any such talk with Mr. Duckman yet? If so, he hasn't told me about it.  So clearly, you are in no position to gauge the depth of  Eric Duckman's thinking , since you do not know what he is thinking.

You really, really do not know what he is thinking.

So it looks like somebody hasn't "thought deeply". . .eh?

P.S. Eric Duckman tells me that the grafitti tag on the Men's Rights Edmonton truck is written on plastic sheeting material , and can be cleaned off.  :-)


Anonymous DarkByke said...

Why would you clean off the logo on the truck to begin with?

8:46 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

You would not clean the logo off the truck, but you might want to clean the grafitti tag off the truck.

11:26 AM  

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