Thursday, January 10, 2013

Give Biden Jr. a Push in the Right Direction

Teri Stoddard at SAVE services has issued a general call to action, namely, to contact Delaware State Attorney-General Joseph "Beau" Biden, and request that he expunge the arrest record of the exonerated Gordon Smith.

"Beau" Biden is the son of Joseph "VAWA Joe" Biden, Vice-President of the United States and alpha mangina pillar of society. Below, I link you to the SAVE website:

 I dispatched an e-mail to Mr. Biden, and I share the text of it below:
Dear Attorney General Biden:

Kindly do the right thing, and expunge the arrest record of Gordon Smith. I am certain that you know what I am referring to, so I won't take the trouble to spell it out.

You have received many communications similar to this, and
more will arrive in the future. So you are surely aware that the eyes of the world are upon you.

And indeed, concerned citizens from around the planet are watching to see what action you will take, or fail to take, in the present matter.

So I trust that you will give this your thoughtful consideration, and do the right thing by expunging Gordon Smith's arrest record.


I also dispatched the following via Twitter, and I encourage you tweet similarly:
@BeauBiden Expunge the arrest record of Gordon Smith. We are watching, waiting, and making this matter generally known..
And here for your convenience is the same contact information you will find on the SAVE website:

Beau Biden Contact Info
(302) 577-8500

Links to further inform you:


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