Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Perfect Analogy

By now we've all heard the following, for it has made the rounds quite a lot:

"You don't really care about men; you're just anti-feminist!"

Bear this in mind: any time you hear somebody make this statement, that speaker's motivation is never more and never less than to get feminism off the hook by directing attention away from it. It's just that simple, and every time you have such a conversation you should find a way to make the person know what they are really doing. If you must be rude about this, and come down hard . . . well, that's the breaks!

There is no way you can care about men and NOT, at the very least, be sharply critical of feminism. If you claim to care about men and yet never make a squeak against feminism , or worse, advocate "working with" feminism, then you are at best an ignorant jackass and at worst a lying viper who hisses with a forked tongue. In either case, you are a Vichy collaborator.

The only form of "working with" feminism that I would accept, would be that you were simply pretending to work with it in order to quietly undermine it. So comrade, give me a wink. Give me a nod. Give me an inside reference that only an insider would understand. Do that and I will take your meaning, and go my way with a smile.

But never forget that the number one enemy of men is feminism, pure and simple. I stand upon those words. The day I hear feminists en masse renouncing patriarchy theory, admitting that the notion of male privilege is a joke, apologizing for the anti-male domestic violence libel which feminism has perpetrated, confessing that feminism is largely to blame for the growth of so-called "misogyny", showing a heartfelt moral urgency about false rape accusation, and above all teaching women to be morally accountable in their dealings with men - on that day, I will consider eating my words and revising my opinion about feminism. But to be frank, I don't see that day looming any closer. Do you?

Do you want to know how moronic it is, when somebody says "you don't really care about men, you're just anti-feminist"? All right, I will tell you.

How idiotic would it be if somebody told Simon Wiesanthal, "you don't really care about Jews, you're just anti-nazi!"?

Seriously now, how idiotic WOULD that be?

Well now you know how contemptibly obtuse or even downright vicious it is, when some idiot says "you don't really care about men, you're just anti-feminist!"

Yes, that is precisely how despicable it is, and no, I am not being hyperbolic in the least. I am deadly earnest about this, and you can yell "Godwin" until the cows come home. In the final tally, you are no good to men at all if you don't - at least in the privacy of your mind - set the critical crosshairs on feminism.

There are non-feminist groups and individuals doing conventional activism on behalf of male well-being - that field has not gone unplowed, and more workers will arrive in due time. But a revolution also needs agitators - they who can blast loose the calcified muck of unexamined ideas, the sclerotic plaque in the cultural arteries. Whosoever inclines to such work should put his back into what he does best. In fact, ALL should do what they do best, and not what they do second or third best. Above all, one oughtn't to be scattered over too many fields lest one become scatterbrained and, striving to do a little of everything, do a lot of little.

In conclusion, I say this once again: you are no good to men at all if you don't - at least in the privacy of your mind - set the critical crosshairs on feminism.

And that's the facts, Jack!

Fidelbogen has spoken.


Blogger Kevin Wayne said...

I do it in the Privacy of my pwn mind, and I run my big effin' yap about it, too.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

It's all good, just so your head is in the game.

6:03 PM  

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