Friday, January 24, 2014

A Feminist Confirms that Non-Feminist and Anti-Feminist Amount to the Same

Take a good look at this conglomeration of venn diagrams. (Click to enlarge.)  Well all right, take an especially good look at the blue, red and orange circles.. I want you to notice something very particular. Look at the outermost slice of each circle - the parts which don't intersect with feminism at all. Observe how, in all three of these locations, the feminist designer has clumped "anti-feminist" and "neutral" together as if they didn't even merit separate categories. 

"Neutral", as you will soon figure out, means nothing other than "non-feminist".  This cutting-edge, quasi-radical feminist has instinctively recognized, and expressed for an audience of her peers, what we have long known - that to be neutral or indifferent toward feminism, is of the same effect, for feminism, as to be actively unfriendly toward it. Yes, in the long run, they can no more tolerate you for being not feminist,  than for being flat-out anti-feminist. To remain stubbornly non-feminist, come hell or high water, has the same effect on feminism's existence as to be willfully attacking feminism.

And here they acknowledge that they do indeed comprehend this principle - that it makes part of their thinking.

Feminism does not allow the right to exist of people who are not feminist. 

To the feminists, you are as much an enemy as the anti-feminists or even the MRAs. I wonder: have they realized that every anti-feminist is ipso-facto a non-feminist, even if the reverse is not true? And have the implications of this dawned upon them?

As feminism continues to spiral through the process of perpetual revolution, it will reach out and attempt to colonize more and more areas of the social fabric. When this happens, more and more "neutral" people will feel the heat and finally realize what is going on. This will make anti-feminists of them, or possibly even counter-feminists. The harvest of souls shall be rich, my fellow workers in the vineyard!

I recommend reading the Jezebel article from which I filched this diagram, here:


Anonymous Hap Grember said...

The funniest part to me is the big gray circle of white feminists who are neither women nor men, and neither white nor nonwhite. This dingy broad doesn't know what a set is, but she thinks she's drawing diagrams like she's all logical and sciency and stuff.

No doubt if you tried to help her with that, she'd get emotional and start shrieking gibberish about "mansplaining" and "privilege". Because she's honestly too dumb to grasp the concept.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Okay, I know the logical elegance of feminist Venn diagrams is beyond the grasp of male comprehension, but - I'm dying to know who all the feminists in the light grey area of the "Feminism 101" circle are. Clear to see they neither overlap with white women, nor women of color, nor "the menz".

So who are they? Zombies? All the feminists that already have turned to dust (good!)? Dolphins?

6:55 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

To be fair, the author of the article (who designed the diagram) admits that the diagram isn't perfect - but makes a point.

Again, as I said, look at the antifeminst/neutral conflation.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Those antifeminist/neutral segments should be drawn much, much bigger in oder to represent reality.
There are also no female MRAs in the diagram. Their existence is probably unthinkable for feminists.

I dread the day feminist scientists design Mars missions... "Yes Mr. Feynman, that trajectory we chose wasn't the safest and best one, we knew that, and we're really sorry that it failed, but it looked sooo beautiful on paper!"

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading that article, it's one of the victim splinter groups (WoC feminists) decrying its victimization at the hands of the larger victim group (white feminists). To that I say go girls, go! Then the larger victim group is trying to remind them that men are the real enemy, but they ain't having it. WFs are victimizing them, too.

Let's play who's the most oppressed?

6:31 PM  

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