Friday, January 17, 2014

Ms. Magazine Commits Anti-Male Bias

Comments are open on the following recent article at the online Ms. magazine:

I left a comment there, and I share a screen cap below. Click to enlarge:

This, in my opinion, is the optimal form and tone for such activism. It gets to the point and puts them on the moral low ground, and they can't dismiss you as a "troll" or anything of that nature. If the spirit moves you, please go to that article and contribute in a similar vein. If feminism is to die by a thousand cuts, these are the manner of cuts that will be most effective.

 My comment is also post-argumental, in the sense that it does not "argue". It simply says "you did something shitty, and I am going to tell other people about it". As you can see, I did tell other people about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise it didn't get past moderation.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Jan Deichmohle said...

Keep up the good work. In fact, statistics show, that women are more likely to use weapons in domestic violence. Their share is above half when it comes to armed violence.

"One study of police records found that women were three times
more likely to threaten or use weapons, such as knives and guns,
against their spouses than men." (Martin van Creveld, The privileged Sex)

Feminists get virtually all the attention, and for decades it has been hardly possible to get a book proving feminism wrong to get published at all.

4:34 AM  

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