Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tell Me Again that Misandry is not Real?

The following speaks for itself. However, if you live anywhere but under a rock, you will know that the women in the following sample have their male mirror-opposite counterparts in the real world. In other words, men and women hate each other symmetrically - that is to say, "equally". So it looks like equality has been achieved. Right, feminist??

But feminist, you and I know perfectly well that the plan of feminism is to throw a never-ending spotlight on the male side of the mutual hatefest (the "misogyny" side), while rationalizing, minimizing, trivializing or ignoring the female side (the "misandry" side.) That is how feminism empowers women. The feminist plan is to ratchet up the hate between men and women, and blame it on men every time. 

By the way, this is a central strategy in the war against men.

Blaming it on men is what drives the cycle and forces the spiral up and up. In the long run, feminism bears more responsibility for the existence and growth of "misogyny" than any other force on earth.

All right, here is the screen cap that I wanted to share. Click to enlarge:

Remember, these are not fringe "radfems" talking in a secret forum. These are regular, average, mundane women - albeit on the sleazy end of the spectrum. I don't know if any of them would self-identify as "feminist", but that hardly matters; they are objective enablers of the feminist project and, at the very least, useful idiots.

Thank heaven that not all women talk this way, just as not all men talk this way. So, what ought we to do about men and women who talk this way? For the most part. . . nothing! We should quietly expose their behavior (as I am doing here), keep commentary to a minimum, and apart from that, let them babble - and relish the crummy free entertainment they provide! Men and women both have an equal right to talk this way, and the operative terms are "both" and "equal". As a philosopher, that is my considered opinion.

The worst we can do is what we are in fact doing, which is to crack down on one sex (men in this case) while giving the other sex a pass (women in this case).


Blogger Charlton Heslich Hauer said...

Hello Fidelbogen.
See this Brazilian group of feminist women urging genital mutilation of men: http://vimeo.com/85359263

They sing "I'll cut your dick" ... and they promise that "the mission will be accomplished."
So far, no Brazilian authorities took action.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Further proof of the criminal nature of feminism. These people are the core of the movement, and without them there would be no movement.

The malice, violence and treachery which feminism harbors, is clearly on display here.

The best plan is to make such things widely known, but limit our own commentary and let the material speak for itself.

Look for the message which I sent you elsewhere.

12:34 PM  

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