Sunday, February 02, 2014

What do the Feminists Really Mean when they say "Patriarchy"?

I am seeing a new trend among the feminists. They have finally figured out that a lot of us regular folks consider the feminist notion of “patriarchy” to be intellectually dubious and problematic, and that we are refusing to discourse in that vein, full stop. Hence, the feminists are starting to insist that yes, ”patriarchy” is a real thing, and taking active steps to defend the idea.

My own point concerning the feminist key term “patriarchy” is, that we activated non-feminists don’t care a fig what they say this word actually means. We care only what they actually mean when they say this word! We are intellectually pragmatic, and that is our path of knowledge.

I have reposted, at two different sites, an article which I wrote back in 2006. It summarizes pretty much everything germane to the present discussion. I republish it now because it is more timely that ever.
So, I have posted the article at Men's Rights Edmonton . . . .
. .  and, at Men's Human Rights Ontario:
It's the same article at two different locations, but why not click on both links? I want both websites to get traffic...dig?


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