Saturday, May 24, 2014

Feminist Establishment Launches Smear Attack Against Non-Feminist People

The Daily Kos has recently published the following article. Read it carefully, but bear in mind that the Daily Kos is a well-known reactionary bastion of the SJW (social justice warrior) tribe:

This journal is a mouthpiece of the feminist Establishment if ever there was, and here we see the maxim borne out, that feminism cannot tolerate the existence of people who are not feminist. Mind you, the Daily Kos does not clearly confess to being a feminist publication, but presumptuously saddles you, the reader, with the burden of figuring this out. Okay, fine. If they will not be forthcoming about their feminism, then I will have no choice but to LABEL them.

The Daily Kos article is purportedly about the mass-shooter Elliot Rodger, but that is only on the surface. The political subtext goes far deeper.

It is probably a safe bet that Elliot Rodger is not a feminist. Yes, I'd fearlessly wager my life savings on that.

But additionally, if you have read the article, you will know that Elliot Rodger is a mentally unstable chump with serious issues, apparently of a sexual nature. You will know that he has been a reader of "PUA" and "manosphere" literature on the internet. Consequently, you will know that he makes the ideal poster kid for every feminist's idea of a politically outspoken non-feminist person.

Anybody with any sense can tell you that non-feminist people number in the billions, and that all moral generalizations about them are simply irresponsible. They are not an organization, not a "movement", but simply a demographic - and incidentally, the majority of the human race.  As such, they make a cross-section of human nature. Let that be noted.

But mark my words, the feminist Establishment will capitalize on this tragedy to slander the majority of the human race - the part that is not feminist. They will waste no time trotting out comparisons to Marc Lepine and George Sodini, and as the Daily Kos article does, they will depict non-feminist men and women as members of the PUA (pickup artist) cult. Weird as it sounds, they will try to brand non-feminist men and women as "a nebulous group of pickup artists and misogynists who have found each other online" - never mind how freaking bizarre it is to paint the majority of the human race that way!

But friends, that is how feminism rolls. And their behavior is not hard to decipher, not hard at all. They are making Elliott Rodger a propaganda stand-in for any non-feminist person who is outspokenly critical of feminism.

Now listen closely, because this is where it gets tricky. We have no evidence yet that Elliott Rodger was anything but apolitical in regard to feminism as such. He was not outspoken about feminism, and he apparently had nothing say about male human rights in an ideological way. He was by no stretch an intellectual with an "analysis". He was only a sexually frustrated chump with mental issues, who apparently "hooked up" with PUA literature, and websites like "the Manhood Academy".

And yet, the feminist journal Daily Kos deliberately links Elliott Rodger with anybody, anywhere, who dares to speak his or her mind critically about feminism. How do they do it? Simple. They tag Rodger and his activities with the label "men's rights". In the minds of the Daily Kos audience, that is enough to justify a cultural lynching of the entire politically activated non-feminist population. Chillingly simple, isn't it?

Notice that I used the phrase "politically activated". That means, that if you are a nice little non-feminist chump don't stick your head above the parapet, then you won't catch any of the propaganda machine-gun fire.

Yes, if you are a nice little non-feminist chump, you will not end up like Warren Farrell or Janice Fiamengo. But if you won't keep your mouth shut, they will clump and tar you with this Elliot Rodger guy, and put you on the Southern Poverty Law Center hate watch list.

Again, if you are a good little non-feminist, and if you act meek and humble, they will leave you alone and not shove you into the same tar barrel with Marc Lepine and George Sodini and this Elliot Rodger guy.

Yes, they will leave you alone.

For now, anyway.


Note: This article has been reposted to A Voice for Men. 


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I am leaving your comment behind the curtain, because it would tend to interfere with message control and "the long game".

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