Friday, May 30, 2014

Feminist Groups Threaten Violence Against Non-Feminist Conference

As you know, the first international men's issues conference is scheduled for Detroit on June 26-29, at the Hilton Doubletree hotel. The feminists already have  plans to sabotage this non-feminist event, and they are not fooling around.

First, on or about June 6, the feminists will form a street mob in Detroit and march to the hotel, where they will try to bully the management into cancelling the conference hosting contract.

That date, however, is still more than a week distant. In the meantime, some people have been busy. The hotel management reports that it has gotten threats of violence and destruction, and even death threats, over the past few days. Please refer to the following sourced evidence for more about this:

Yes, you read that correctly. The hotel management has serious fears for the safety of their property, their guests, and the conference attendees.

It is hard to know if these threats are merely huff-and-bluff meant to scare the management into shutting down the event, or if there is a real chance they'll be carried through. Either way, it reflects very badly on the people who made the threats. . . .  doesn't it?

The people who made the threats are more apt to be feminist than not, wouldn't you say so? I would say so. In fact, that is perfectly logical, and I'd put money on it.

Let's summarize. A non-feminist public conference has been scheduled, whose purpose is to advocate for male human rights, and feminists have organized an angry, violent campaign to wreck this conference.

Don't forget that this action, replete with death threats, follows hard on the heels of the Elliot Rodger episode in which six people died - including four men. On the strength of this episode, the feminists have tried to label non-feminist people as violent, homicidal misogynists.

Let's be clear about that: if you refuse to be a feminist, and especially if you speak your mind freely about this, they will denounce you as a misogynist and possibly as a terrorist. Feminists routinely use character assassination to mow down anyone who stands up against them, and that is why they will target you for a smear campaign. The more assertive and successful you are in voicing your lack of feminism, the more extreme shall be their actions against you, finally to the point of physical attack.

On the other hand, if you are a nice little non-feminist, and if you act meekly and humbly, they will leave you alone, for now, and continue ratcheting their plans along, stage by stage.

But sooner or later it will become too much for you, and you will feel driven to break the silence at last. Yet the longer you put this off, the further they shall consolidate their plans, and the greater shall be their power to make life ugly for you. So why wait? Speak up now. There is no time like the present.


Blogger PhantomZodak said...

aren't there any tech guys going who can track down the identities of those making the illegal threats & let the police know?

7:18 AM  
Blogger Jack LaBear said...

5 men were victims of Elliot Rodgers.
He was a victim himself.

3:03 PM  

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