Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Gail Dines Spills the Beans about Radical Feminism


Now THIS, is the 'smoking gun' response to all of those nitwits who declare that "radical feminism is nothing but fringe extremism!"
Gail Dines (no less!) flat-out TELLS us that radical feminism is the only thing which moves people and keeps feminism vital!

Gail hands us a golden confession on a silver plate, and we must surely thank her!

After you have listened to this brief clip, go and read the following, which is directly relevant:


When you are there, make note of the very last reader comment by "Anonymous" at 10:32. This person appears to be a feminist, and wholeheartedly endorses the idea yet again. 


Anonymous Lastango said...

Good post. We need to be doubly-aware of the existence of feminism's thuggish, power-seeking core because the feminist movement is currently shaping a new strategy of downplaying that.

Instead, they are attacking by trying to engage with men, and are modifying their rhetoric and terminology to fabricate the appearance they are defending human rights.

I'm reminded of the saying, "The devil's greatest achievement was convincing humankind he doesn't exist". So thanks for helping keeping feminism's core on our radar screens; it's too easy to get distracted by feminist trivia and forget about the very dangerous, highly-networked mafia that guides feminism.

12:08 PM  
Blogger A Dad said...

Also revealing and proof this is an ideology "after 30 yrs girls read Andrea Dworkin and explode" - as if nothing has changed in culture?

This reminds me of socialist journo who said the problem with "Don't be that Guy" campaign was NOT ENOUGH FEMINISM - just as apologists for "broken communism" of USSR used to do. Even today in Nork, failure of not having enough to eat is "it's never enough dedication comrade".

7:20 AM  

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