Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Feminist Cop-out

A left-wing radical blog called "Fat Body Politics" (I'm not joking, nor are they!) has issued a Big, Important Statement about the upcoming pro-male conference in Detroit. Basically, they are urging all anti-male activists to cancel any plans to stage a protest there. Following is the statement:

I don't know if the Fat Body Politics people have declared themselves feminist at any point, or if they are following the usual practice of blending with the social justice warrior crowd. You can be the judge of that.

I left a comment there, and they zapped it into oblivion in less than five minutes. So, did I screen cap it first? I did of course! (Click to enlarge.)

When you read the article at Fat Body Politics, you will notice that they are projecting feminist aggression onto non-feminist people - and in this case, AVfM serves as a proxy, or lightning rod if you will.

Consider the following gem. Read it slowly and carefully, and ponder what is being said:
"As local activists we are collectively speaking out against the horrific and vile hatred that A Voice for Men spreads on their website by blaming feminism as the root cause of men’s issues and not deconstructing how gender, class, race, sexual orientation, ability, body size etc distinctly impact the lives of people in our society."

In other words, they are attacking AVfM for being non-feminist.

They feel that not being feminist is some kind of a vile crime.

According to them, if you don't quite manage to "deconstruct how gender, class, race, sexual orientation, ability, body size etc distinctly impact the lives of people in our society" . . .  then you are spreading horrific and vile hatred. Yes, that is what they are saying. Read it.

All right. Nobody but a radical feminist or social justice warrior would rattle off that kind of lingo, so they are only preaching to the choir in their echo chamber here. In sum, they are merely whining that you are a big, bad bully if you dare to speak adverse words about feminism, and they are counting on their insular audience to nod along in agreement. So let that thought be a comfort. The non-feminist majority would be roundly unimpressed by any of this.

For the record, feminism is not precisely "the root cause" of men's issues. In fact, the root cause is a forked root, with feminism being one of the prongs. The other prong is traditional gynocentrism.


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This has to be the most intelligent post you've ever made.


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