Friday, June 13, 2014

We've got the Feminists in an Intellectual Bind!

The following comment has appeared on the post prior to this:
"As you know feminists have, for decades, been saying that rape is about power and nothing to do with sex.

"In the wake of the Elliot Rodger's shooting there's now much hubbub in the 'femisphere' about male 'sexual entitlement'.

"And it's almost a certainty that more than a few feminists (perhaps even some of the most prominent) have said or alluded to the idea that such sexual entitlement is ....'rapey'.

"You, of course, see where I'm going with this?

"Let's not let them have it both ways.

"Either they have to dispense with the "rape=power not sex" meme OR we can ask "If rape has nothing to do with sex then what's all the fuss over male sexual entitlement?""


Anonymous Sanelity said...

Excellent observation. I shall use this info in my next "conversation" with feminists. Of course, conversation is not the correct noun, but it gets the message across.

12:56 PM  
Blogger evilwhitemalempire said...

I believe that back in the day when sex was widely regarded by most people as 'dirty','sinful', etc. that if a rapist tried to defend themselves by saying "But I was just trying to get some sex!" such a comment would only further incriminate them.

But enter the free love counter culture of the late 60's/70's.

Now that the institution is the establishment, sex (for pleasure) is now widely regarded as natural, healthy, etc. (note: I am not passing judgement on recreational sex here but am merely trying to get a point across as effectively as I perceive possible regarding shifting public attitudes and opinions.)

The thing is if you have a society that regards sex this way it becomes very easy to actually make a case FOR sexual entitlement.

What this means is that when the rapist says "But I was just trying to get some sex!" there are now folks who will listen.

Obviously feminists did NOT want this outcome!

So they reworked the rapist from a guy using power to get sex (basically the common sense view) into a guy using sex to get power.

In this way the rapist, and by extension all men accused of rape (that they already consider guilty) are once again completely dehumanized.

But NOW that they've been raving about sexual entitlement they just might pay the price for not 'owning their shit' all those years ago and just coming out and admitting that they only want sex for themselves and the men that they want to fuck.

But surely wouldn't that imply that feminists are....gasp!......

Real egalitarians!

12:51 AM  
Blogger PhantomZodak said...

this is great, they are soon going to start contradicting themselves openly. i can't wait.

9:37 AM  
Blogger evilwhitemalempire said...

Another thought hit me the other day.

If feminism is not monolithic then who's to say that all the different versions of it are for equality?

If you have a different feminism for each feminist then the onus is on each individual feminist to show they're on the level.

10:41 PM  
Blogger eddardmulligan said...

I never hear feminists talk about female sexual entitlement, which I believe is much more common than male sexual entitlement. I'm of the mind that it cuts both ways. Women aren't entitled to my body for sex. In fact, they aren't entitled to it at all. So, they can do their own heavy lifting and invest in a step stool.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Sputnik said...

Uhh, rape is about sex. It may be about power over sex, but it is always about sex, by definition.

That's why we have the word; to distinguish sexual assault from other forms of assault not involving sex. Duh.

6:10 PM  

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