Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Face of the Enemy—This is What
a Moron Looks Like

"Give them enough rope", as the saying goes, "and they will hang themselves." I think that is a fine maxim - right up there alongside "Don't attack: undermine!"

And I would even take the maxim a step further: let them spin their own rope!

Today, I would like to introduce you to a somewhat thin-necked a person who very likely needs no introduction; a person who has been diligently employed about the rope-spinning trade for quite some time. Yes, I think you have heard of her. Her name is Amanda Marcotte, and she is the proprietress of a web log called Pandagon - located at

It is always a special moment, I think, when you finally put a mug to a long-familiar name. That special moment arrived, for me, only today - and I would like to "share". Just in case you too still lack a face for this name which has gained such notoriety. Yes, Amanda has earned quite the little reputation as a "shoot from the lip" gal. The Spiro Agnew of feminism, as it were!

Amanda has a unique and special talent for attacking her weak, stupid critics while completely ignoring the strong, smart ones! She is very clever that way; it is her preeminent claim to distinction. Remember all the tortuous, smarty-pants blame-shifting that she did in the wake of the Edwards embarassment? But, scrye that face. What is your gut sensation? Mine is, of a serpent coiled to strike. Beyond that, I would peg Amanda as a rather weak, brittle person who is either hiding something, or hiding behind something. Such is the impression that I garner.

But here, let Amanda damn herself out of her own mouth FAR more effectively than I, with my feeble power of invective, could ever hope to do:

Amanda Marcotte of writes:

"Baldwin is living up to the hint of abusive f*** that we gleaned from his phone message to his daughter. He’s proceeding to live out the MRA (Men's Rights Advocate) script—passive-aggressively abandoning his job so he can dedicate himself to full-time whining that he doesn’t have the subservient wife and children he feels entitled to and blaming his victims (”I’m only an ass*** because my ex-wife made me be one,” is the entire theory behind the made-up syndrome “parental alienation syndrome”)...Just more evidence of the theory that oppression hurts the oppressors by dehumanizing them—in this case, Baldwin is victimizing himself by being more attached to his sense of male entitlement than he is to his impressive talents as an actor.

"What are [the fathers' rights movement's] legitimate issues? That paying child support is unfair unless the recipient is forced to deliver some pussy once a week? That men who beat their wives should have the courts help them continue the abuse after she escapes by enabling non-stop lawsuits? Good luck finding a non-abuser to be its face. Non-abusive men tend to avoid the father’s rights activists, because there’s nothing the FRAs have for men who aren’t eager to find legal ways to continue abuse.

"FRAs want to give men more leeway to pursue illegit grievances. I oppose allowing men to make up reasons to sue their ex-wives repeatedly so that they can continue to abuse women who are trying to escape their abuse."

There! See how simple that is? All we need do is hang up their very own words in the public square, to twirl in the breeze. Although I admit that I couldn't resist a few acid quips on THIS occasion.

**(Notice how she can't keep straight the distinction between MRA and FRA....)



Blogger Techpriest said...

Wow. That Amanda really is the face of hatred, as well as that of cold calculation. I wonder if it is from a psychosis, or the effect of the long downward spiral induced by feminism itself.

In any case, she's certainly gone form bad to worse since being de-seated in the Edwards campaign.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Again I say it: Simply EXPOSE them, doing whatever they naturally do, to a broad enough world....and their decline will follow.

People like Amanda are preaching to their own little "choir" ...

So, the thing to do is to expand their public. Be a real "pal" and help them with their publicity! :*) Their problem is, they don't get enough feedback from the world outside of their particular loop, and this creates in them a false sense of invulnerability - which in turn inspires them to greater and greater heights of folly in front of their little "mirror"...

So, the trick is to let the outside world SEE them being assinine in front of their mirror...with the resulting sting of embarrassment that follows whenever somebody is gallivanting in front of a mirror thinking they are unobserved, and then abruptly discovers otherwise.


12:57 AM  
Anonymous AlekNovy said...

You know... if you harbor resentment or any such emotions towards feminazis, I think its a very useful exercise to browse pictures/videos of them :D

I'm serious... you start feeling sorry for these people. Like the pained expression in her photo above is just soooo sad...

Here's a video:

Their facial expressions are soooo weird/creepy. Its pretty obvious the movement attracts some people who've obviously had bad luck in life (or at least think they do)... And then become professional victims as a way of lashing out against the world.


Fidelbogen, if u see a bunch of comments on a bunch of old posts... its because I'm systematically (re)reading everything you've written from day 1. Its pretty freaking amazing stuff.

6:55 PM  

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