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Plastering the Rancid Heart of Enemy Territory

Feminists are aggressively territorial animals; have you ever noticed that? Not only do they handle disagreement piss-poorly, but they go rabidly on the attack when their physical "village precinct" is violated by unabashed display, or even mere suggestion, of an alien (to them) worldview.

From the earliest glimmerings of pro-male consciousness near the end of the 20th century, clear down to the present day, we have an unbroken chronicle of such behavior stockpiled in our collective memory.  You have only to breathe the tiniest hint that "something is not right here", or "men are being treated very wrongly", and you will be greeted with silence, with mockery, or with hysterical demands to. . . shut the fuck up!! This was true in the 1990s -- and we were far more polite in those days! And it remains every bit as true today, in 2012. The foundational state of things has changed very little, although we've gotten louder, meaner, and at the same time more wily and sophisticated. And the feminists have reacted to our gradual evolvement of methodology by running progressively more complicated editions of what they have always done -- but their attitude has not changed! Not a whit!

In the early days, we never, ever but NEVER talked about "fucking their shit up" or anything of the sort. We grew into that state of mind by slow increments, as we realized that being nice to a bunch of assholes was complete futility, and that we had nothing to lose by turning the heat up. People are not born radical, you know. They become radicalized, and for a reason. We ourselves have been a case in point.

So now we are going on the offensive as never before, and quite predictably, "offending" them. But I'm afraid that's the only way you can ever deal with a corrupt, bloated establishment. You kick it, and hold your nose when the jet of foul gas shoots out under pressure.

Apropos of all this, our very own KARMA MRA MGTOW -- the pioneering "poster boy" from the land down under -- has made a lightning blitzkrieg run on feminist turf.  The turf in question is Monash University in Melbourne, and as I gather, the action occurrred less than 24 hours ago.

Our dauntless lad plastered his MRA MGTOW karma all over the Monash landscape in the form of pro-male posters, of which the accompanying photograph will give you a general notion. Click on it if you want a more legible view.

Anti-male elements on campus were shocked, offended, scandalized by the appearance of this alien worldview. Apparently they found it "disgusting" that the public should be informed that women commit roughly half of all domestic violence. Open dialogue about the state of reality is evidently not a priority for these people.

It's like the 1990s never went away. Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Except that they've gotten worse in this case.

The Monash action made such an impression within the campus community that it garnered headlines in a local news journal,  the Waverley Leader:


When you read the linked article, you will see that the feminists are up to their timeless, time-worn tricks. Take the following, for example:
Monash Student Association president Esther Hood said the inflammatory posters were “disgraceful”.
“To imply that women are responsible for half of domestic violence cases is not only disgusting but grossly innacturate,” Ms Hood said.
 Well, Ms. Hood has made clear that she disagrees with the message on the posters. Fine, she is entitled to her opinion. I mean, we all have opinions, right? But I'd surely appreciate a more detailed statement of  Ms. Hood's opinion, so that if I feel inclined to do so, I'd have equal opportunity to tell her how grossly inaccurate and disgusting it is. And I think the best plan would be for Ms. Hood to personally print up her own posters with her own opinion and plaster them all over campus. I'm pretty sure nobody would lift a finger to stop her. So why the hell can't she get her lazy ass busy with that project, eh?

 The comment thread was a delight to read. Most of the items on it were solidly, and I mean SOLIDLY, on the pro-male side. But I'll start with one that wasn't, or rather, a single sentence from it. It is from one who signs as "Brigitta", and the person she's addressing seems to be Paul Elam:
"You show no sign of compassion or empathy towards anyone."
Now, I left two comments, only one of which got through moderation. What follows is the one that didn't make it, and it pertains to Brigitta's remark above:
"@Brigitta: You have suggested that Paul [Elam] shows "no sign of compassion or empathy toward anyone." To me, that sounds like an incredible statement with no evidence to back it up. But perhaps I am missing something here. So I was wondering if you'd care to provide evidence that Paul [Elam] is lacking compassion or empathy toward "anyone". And while we are on the subject, would "anyone" here care to show signs of compassion or empathy toward men, who are half of all domestic violence victims?"
And I will conclude with my favorite comment on the whole thread, which nails feminist hypocrisy to the barn door with a fat crimson streak running down from it.:
"I've seen university posters across the country demanding that the working classes rise up and over throw the government by means of bloody revolution and NO ONE bats an eyelid at them. Why is it normal to on a university campus to advocate violent Marxist revolution, but to make the very reasonable point that women are as much a part of the problem of domestic violence as men are, unacceptable? Also, who gave them the right to decide that freedom of speech doesn't extend to the viewpoints of the people posting this posters? How dare they silence people they disagree with yet enjoy the freedom to spread man-hate and bloody revolution? "
Well, by now we've had enough experience with such activism to know what will happen when pro-male ideas are shoved unapologetically in the world's face. Yes, we've been down this road a few times, and we know what to expect. And that is, that anti-male elements in the vicinity will react swiftly, primitively and viciously, under the impulsion of fear and guilt.

 Curse me, but this is delicious. And getting tastier by the minute!

I understand that the news of the Monash action also got some local radio play. I was sent an audio file of a campus feminist being interviewed, but this was in a strange format that none of my applications could handle. Damn!



Blogger ONPump said...

What is the file type? Have you tried a VLC media player or Media Player Classic?

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments my all be pro-male, but not the actions of the 'University'. Who are taking down the posters, even though they claim:

“A university by its nature is a forum for a broad exchange of views and commentary and we do not seek to censor the expression of views,”

Typical feminist hypocrisy.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


I forget the file type at the moment, but it wasn't good old MP3, I can tell ya that much.

Hold on....the format was M4a.

Which I know nothing about.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a mention that you can download freemake software that downloads videos etc. and simultaneously converts them into other formats including mp3. be vigilant during the process, naturally it would like you to agree to a new toolbar, other than it seems to work really well. i think freestudio does this too but i couldn't get it to work on this old gas-burner.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Lucian Vâlsan said...

Solutions for the m4a problem:

1. Install K-lite codecs pack (or any other codec pack made after 2010). Thus you can play it with media player and all the other players except BS Player and VLC (who have their codecs internally)

2. Download AIMP. It's like Winamp but it's not corporate. It has m4a codec included in the install kit.

3. Convert the m4a into an Mp3 file.
You can get a free converter here: http://download.chip.eu/ro/Free-M4a-to-MP3-Converter-6.1_1576995.html (Just click the red link and start downloading)

Any of the three solutions will work for sure.

Greetings from Romania and keep up the good work!

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there's one thing that aggrivates me more than anything else from the feminist camp, it's their repeated droning about rape and domestic violence.

The FBI's own statistics show that---on average---a woman will leave and return to an 'abusive' seven times. How many of these women go on to other abusers afterwards, no one knows. The feminist academia tells us that one rape occurs every few minutes, that all men are potential rapists &c.

In the US, nearly 1/4 of births are out of wedlock: a high percentage of these being spawned by thuggish, underclass males. American women's proclivity for pursuing relationships with the worst elements of the male gender has become almost a phenomenon taken for granted.

If feminists are so concerned with rape and DV; they need to be the ones who are proactive here. It's obvious that their own misandry is at the bottom of the problem: by portraying every man as a vicious subhuman sexual predator, women have no incentive to set higher standards for themselves. That, and their compulsion to feel superior to men at all costs, is what's driving women into bed with these thuggish males to begin with. That's what needs to be addressed.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

plasterer sutton
Toby, it's the old, blurry line between truth & "the facts." Sometimes, they overlap, but often, they don't.

8:21 AM  

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