Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Feminist Declaration of War Against the Non-Feminist World

The following message was posted to TyphonBlue's YouTube channel:

"+Alison Tieman  Debate is a tool of the privileged upper classes, what rich white men have used to oppress and divide the meager and poor for centuries. Yet you would use this tool yourself, having been oppressed by it since antiquity? Truly, you are lost. Perhaps I was wrong, and death would be not a cruel and deserved fate for you, but a bitter mercy to end your pain.

But if it an argument you want, then an argument you shall have! Why do you support the MRM, when its very purpose is to re-enslave women? When it is full of sexist claptrap like the quote I left from Paul Elam, the movement's godfather? How it seeks to project itself onto feminism, how it silences them so their arguments cannot be heard? Or threatens them, track feminists down, and brutally beats them for their views? Or posts lists of their names, so sexist trolls can bombard them with rape threats. Can you answer these questions without some BS excuse like "not all MRAs are like that?"

Feminism was about equality, but the time for peaceful discourse draws to a close. If it is violence the MRM wants, then we will cut out equality by force, and write a new edict of fairness in your blood! Pick a side, Alison, but choose carefully. You don't want to be on the losing side of the war."

Yesterday, as you might recall, I publicized a feminist death threat against the Men's Rights Edmonton group, and even went on AVfM radio to talk about it. But little did I suspect that something even worse would rear its head so very quickly. It never rains but it pours!

A pattern of feminist panic is developing.  That is the ony way to describe it. The heat is on, and the heat inside their heads is getting unbearable - to the point where they must open a vent and let the steam out.

Fear and guilt is the most plausible explanation for for all of this. A dawning realization that the rest of the world is turning against them, together with a growing sense that they have been complicit in a collective crime, is driving them to a strategy of projective backlash.

Note that many sections in the quoted statement read like a description of feminism's own collective behavior toward the world. Feminist hatred of everything non-feminist is beyond description, so much that they are unable to articulate boiling emotions welling up within them. All the same, they MUST relieve the explosive pressure in their brains - they must find a discharge of one kind or another.

And so, conspicuously outspoken people such as TyphonBlue become their lightning rods. If you are a nice little non-feminist and keep your head down and your mouth shut, they will not go after you - or at least, not yet.

However, they WILL go after people like Alison Tieman, or people like the Men's Rights Edmonton Group.

They will also go after people like Warren Farrell, or people like Janice Fiamengo.

And let's not forget that many years ago, they went after Erin Pizzey.

If you are an outspoken non-feminist, they will attack you right away - openly and viciously. If you are a quiet non-feminist, they will pull the snare slowly and craftily, but in the end they've got plans for you too.

They don't plan to tolerate the existence of anybody or anything which is not feminist. In the end, "every knee shall bend, and every tongue shall confess. . ", and so on. 

This has been the feminist plan from the very beginning, and all feminists - especially the moderate ones! - are complicit.

I understand that this is all very wild and confusing, so let's make it simple. Feminism is a Big Lie, and every feminist is a participant in that lie, intentionally or not. Feminism seeks to control every aspect of human thought and feeling, everywhere, and it does so by expanding endlessly and projecting its Big Lie into every little corner it can find.

The problem is, that in so doing, the feminist Big Lie clashes with the reality of everything else in the universe - everything which is NOT the lie. Everything which is not feminism, in other words. So in the long run, the outcome can only be wreckage, and misery, and strife. That is what happens when you disregard reality for too long. 

For feminism, this presents no moral difficulty whatever. Indeed, the solution is easy - simply blame the non-feminist world for all the ugly consequences of endless feminist expansion. Feminism, you see, is never guilty of anything. It is always those nasty non-feminists (men and women both) who wreck and spoil things in order to "oppress women", as the saying goes.

Feminism does not hold itself morally accountable any more that it holds women in general morally accountable. Any time that feminism "hits" you, and you hit back, feminism screams that you are the aggressor! This has been their game from the beginning, and no, the feminist leopard cannot change its spots.

Feminism has waged a vicious war upon the rest of the world for many years, and consistently blamed the rest of the world for the predictable crisis this generates.

Well now, finally, the rest of the world is waking up, and mobilizing, and striking back in a more organized and calculated way. That is a trend which bids fair to continue. We live in interesting times, my non-feminist friends.

Incidentally, I like the part where the feminist writer call debate a tool of the oppressor. That thought occurs to me also, and that is why I have given upargument or debate as a method that will help us against our common oppressor, feminism. As the feminist Audre Lorde would say, "you can't dismantle the master's house with the master's tools."

Armageddon is approaching. I will see you on the beach, my non-feminist friends!


Alison Tieman's video about the feminist threat may be viewed HERE:

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