Friday, November 02, 2007

Something Good to Download and Read!

The following paper by Murray Straus is dated May 2007:

Here, Dr. Straus describes the tricks that feminist propagandists use to suppress evidence that men and women are equal perpetrators of domestic violence.

Among other things, Straus talks about the Conflict Tactics Scale (or CTS), which is one of the main instruments used to gather data supporting the gender-symmetrical view of domestic violence. The feminists have been VERY keen to discredit the CTS methodology because, frankly, it is a menace to the faith!
"Another example is the claim that the Conflict Tactics Scales does not provide an adequate measure of PV because it measures only conflict related violence. Although the theoretical basis of the CTS is conflict theory, the introductory explanation to participants specifically asks participants to report expressive and malicious violence. It asks respondents about the times when they and their partner “...disagree, get annoyed with the other person, want different things from each other, or just have spats or fights because they are in a bad mood, are tired or for some other reason.”

"Despite repeating this criticism for 25 years in perhaps a hundred publications, none of those publications has provided empirical evidence showing that only conflict-related violence is reported. In fact, where there are both CTS data and qualitative data, as in Giles-Sims (1983), it shows that the CTS elicits malicious violence as well as conflict-related violence. Nevertheless, because there are at least a hundred articles with this statement in 150 peer reviewed journals, it seems to establish as a scientific fact what is only an attempt to blame the messenger for the bad news about gender symmetry in PV."
Dr. Straus also mentions the feminist practice of using cherry-picked CTS data which only appears to support the anti-male case they wish to build. Despite their criticism of the CTS in general, they're completely down with it when they can make it say what THEY want it to say!

Plus, there is the ever-popular "violent" reaction by (female) feminists to the idea that women are violent - oh, the irony!:
"Suzanne Steinmetz made the mistake of publishing a book and articles (Steinmetz 1977, 1977–1978) which clearly showed about equal rates of perpetration by males and females. Anger over this resulted in a bomb threat at her daughters’ wedding, and she was the object of a letter writing campaign to deny her promotion and tenure at the University of Delaware. Twenty years later the same processes resulted in a lecturer at the University of Manitoba whose dissertation found gender symmetry in PV being denied promotion and tenure.

My own experiences have included having one of my graduate students being warned at a conference that she will never get a job if she does her PhD research with me. Atthe University of Massachusetts, I was prevented from speaking by shouts and stomping. The chairperson of the Canadian Commission on Violence against Women stated at two hearings held by the commission that nothing that Straus publishes can be believed because he is a wife-beater and sexually exploits students, according to a Toronto Magazine article. When I was elected president of the Society for the Study of Social Problems and rose to give the presidential address, a group of members occupying the first few rows of the room stood up and walked out.
Anyway, read the whole thing yourself; I'm sure it will make you grin!



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