Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Non-Feminist Way of Knowledge

The dictionary definition of feminism, as a quest for so-called "equality", is so amorphous and problematic as to be virtually useless. Thus, we reject the oft-heard 'appeal to dictionary' as an intellectual cop-out or evasion.

We have concluded that feminism can only be understood as an existing set of manifestations in the world, and not as an abstract idea printed on a book page, or as the same issuing from the mouth of a self-identified feminist individual. This means, in practice, that we must  parse feminism in terms of its earthly consequences if we would arrive at a satisfactory definition. No other method will suffice.

So we, as outsiders to feminism, have made bold to tackle feminism phenomenologically, from the outside-in.

Now, there are many ways to parse feminism in terms of its earthly consequences. But foundationally to all else, we must understand feminism as the project to increase the power of women. And from this super-project, as we may call it, feminism breaks down into a theoretically unlimited number of sub-projects.

But let us never sacrifice our critical awareness within the microcosm of sub-projects. The Ariadne's thread that will conduct us through that maze and always show the way out of it,  is our realization that feminism is the project to increase the power of women. Feminism is sometimes more than this, but never anything less. Hold that thought.



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