Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That Notorious Swedish Documentary Again!

I blogged about this quite some time ago. This documentary was in several YouTube installments, and I posted a few of those, and posted links to the rest. Well guess what? Here is the entire program in one swoop -- about 2 hours long. So now you can sit and take it in without interruptions.

While you are watching the documentary, bear in mind that this is what happens when feminism gains the upper hand in a society. It happened in Sweden for various reasons -- partly because of a longstanding Socialist culture, but also because Sweden is a small country (about 9 million), and in such a setting it is much easier for a well-organized group of zealots to politic its way into a commanding position. That is, their long march through the institutions won't take so long because they haven't got so far to travel.

Now I am certain that somebody will look at the feminist system exposed here, and dutifully take occasion to remind me that Not All Feminists Are Like That.

Well that's baloney. They are indeed "all like that". They differ only in comparative strength of toxicity. Some are more watered-down than others. But the trend of all feminist innovation, when it takes hold in a society, is to concentrate feminism into a less and less diluted form. And so Sweden is a crystal ball which displays the future clearly for our benefit. If this is the kind of world you want to live in, then by all means do what you can to give feminist innovation a green light and a clear road.

What's that, you don't believe me? All right, so what'll it take? Eh? Think you'll believe me in three years? Five years? Ten years? Well I have a better idea: believe me now!

Once again, feminists are all like that. Some will be more like that, others less, but they are all like that. And feminism as a whole is perpetual revolution, always evolving toward a future state which is always . . . you guessed it . . . like that!

So if you personally are not like that, then you are not a feminist. And if you insist on calling yourself a feminist anyway, you will be rowing upstream against a right fierce river! Heaven help you.

Now watch the video.

After that, download the Agent Orange files:



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