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Recent Communication from Ireland

The following e-mail reached me yesterday morning.  Interpret this any way you wish, but it IS a sign of the times. And I am seeing more and more such signs nowadays:
"I accuse myself of formerly being a “collaborationist” with the enemy – feminism.
"Let me explain – I am female and I was born in 1961, in Ireland, not exactly the most liberal place on the planet. But, this gives me a unique insight into that sacred cow of feminism, patriarchy and the “oppression” of women by men.
"It also gives me an up close and personal experience of that other sacred cow of feminism “the personal is the political”
"So, after 51 years of life, which nicely coincides with the rise of feminism, what conclusions have I reached?
"First, I am sick to death of feminism, sick to the back teeth of every aspect, every facet, every shape-shifting ploy that feminism has used to embed itself not only into the very fabric of society, but into the places where it has no right, no business being – the machinery of society – the legal and political structures of society.
"I have watched and observed feminism (we used to call them women’s libbers) from the shrill ridiculous rantings and ravings of a few lunatic over-privileged middle class white women into a pernicious evil doctrine of hate, abuse and bigotry.
"At a time when I should have embraced feminism, should have, if I was smart, jumped on the gravy train of feminism, during my teenage years (circa 1973 – 1979) I didn’t – could I have put into words what I was feeling? At the time, no.  Could I have explained the unease, the suspicion, the sense of being hoodwinked I felt? Again, at the time, no. The only thing I could do was to never once identify myself AS feminist – which I did – as I entered my twenties, I managed to clarify my opposition to the ideology that is feminism by recognising that feminism had nothing to do with human rights.
The other thing that I observed was the sly dawning realisation in the minds of my fellow “sisters” of the benefits, unfair advantages and opportunities feminism gave women at the expense of men. In effect – the mantra of the sisterhood was to “get back at men”  - ALL men, for some nameless unstated, unexamined, “crimes against women” all women.
"As for patriarchy? Never saw it – never experienced it – let me explain – as well as a father and lots of uncles, I have six brothers, my brothers were all pretty gregarious, so they had lots of male friends, half my class in school were male, most of my friends had brothers and fathers, I have a lot of male cousins etc etc. As, I grew older and began to work I encountered even more of the male sex. So, I have had quite an extensive array of males to observe over my lifetime so far – as a counterpoint – I have also had an extensive array of females to observe.
"What have I personally observed, experienced and concluded in relation to patriarchy? To be blunt – it’s complete and utter bullshit. But, I will go even further, any discrimination, any negative treatment, any unfair practices directed at me have ALWAYS been from women. ALWAYS. By far the worst has been from women who identify themselves as feminists, in fact as I’ve grown older it has gotten worse, to the extent that now that I have returned to college to study law I find myself in a position where I am being discriminated against systematically, persistently and visibly by feminists and feminist ideology, for one reason only – I have publically declared – I AM NOT A FEMINIST.
"So, back to the start – why do I accuse myself of being a collaborationist? Simple – I should have spoken up before – I should have fought against the rise of the feminist ideology, the feminist propaganda machine.
"Until I found myself back in college I naively assumed that feminism had become irrelevant, past it’s sell by date, become yet another idiotic doctrine that had failed.
"How wrong I was – how naive – I should have paid more attention – and now?
"In all my life, I have never experienced more vile, blatant, vicious and evil examples of abusive, bigoted people, such vile unrelenting discriminatory practices, as I have encountered in the hallowed halls of academia, every last one of them a feminist.
"I have never encountered such a deluge of misinformation, propaganda, downright lies and twisted evil doctrines concentrated in one place.
"While I am personally experiencing the effects of this abusive and discriminatory ideology, I cannot compare my experience to the abuse heaped upon the heads of my fellow students – my fellow male students. It is appalling.
"But, before you reach for the tissues on my behalf – hold up – don’t forget what I am studying – Law.
"In my own small way I have managed to get one of these “Gender Studies” courses cancelled.
"This bears explanation – how did I find myself in the firing line of the feminists? As well as law I chose to study politics – not realising that politics had changed from when I was younger – now apparently – politics means ONLY from a “feminist perspective”?
"Excuse me? Was my reaction – I’m not a feminist, feminism is an ideology which I DON’T subscribe to, believe, support or sanction.
"Answer – tough – it’s the ONLY perspective allowed.
"Hmmm, I thought, sounds like discrimination, sounds like a dictatorship, sounds like bullshit. So, as a law student, I did what any self-respecting person who believes in “equality” would do – I invoked the Equal Status Act J.
"But, apart from the pleasure of having the offending course cancelled, or rather being quietly slipped OFF the programme – I made my views known – I began to speak out.
"I realise that speaking out is one thing – doing something is quite another, so, I am preparing to launch a campaign – Students Against Feminist Indoctrination S.A.F.I – catchy isn’t it?
"I’m playing catch-up here at the moment, on so many levels, but, as my father taught me, and taught me well – “knowledge is power” – as my mother taught me – “don’t argue with fools, after a while no-one will be able to tell the difference”, an extension of that in my experience is show everyone else that they are fools by knowing more than they do.
"I’m writing to you to say thank you – over the last few months I’ve finally been educating myself, informing myself, preparing – your site has been an inspiration, and if I might say an invaluable resource, in fact there are a list of sites and blogs that I wish to commend and credit for their excellence in unmasking the evil doctrine of feminism, for providing a resource for sharpening the tools needed to combat this pernicious doctrine and for being an inspirational beacon of light in the darkness that feminism has cast over our society.
"In no particular order:

"There are many more which I’ve visited over the last six months which have been a revelation and a source of information too numerous to mention – but the fact that they are there is heartening.

"Finally, as I encountered my first blast of full on feminism and began to experience its insidious effects the thing which angered me personally the most was this:
"Being warned – over and over again I was warned “not to rock the boat” “keep your head down and just go along with them” “the feminists control this campus, they’ll make you suffer” “just agree with everything they say and get the hell out of here as fast as you can”
"No, No, No, No, No! Never will I allow any person to TELL me what I should think, what I should believe – NEVER.
"But the thing which really illustrated for me the sheer breadth and depth of the evil that is feminism is this:
"During one of the most hate-filled vile propagandist “lectures” I have ever heard, apart from the shock at what was being dripped like poison into the ears of the class was the sense that the few men who were in attendance were sinking further and further into their seats. The reality of the effect this poison had on them was made very clear to me after this “lecture” one of my classmates a lovely man in his 60’s – let’s call him Mike was almost in tears, shocked and ashamed at what he perceived was the abuse his gender had heaped upon the heads of ALL women, ALL throughout history (sorry, herstory – blah)  everywhere.
"This is a man who has worked all his life, to support his family who he loves dearly, who had voluntarily worked in his community for the betterment of ALL in his community, this is a man who literally shouts, honour, integrity, honesty, and he was pulverised, ground into the dirt, shamed and almost reduced to tears by the lies, the viciousness, the calumny spewing from the mouth of the fattest feminist I’ve ever seen who accuses anyone who doesn’t agree with her of being an alcoholic (me – and I don’t drink)
"This was the tipping point for me – to use a crude phrase that we are particularly fond of here in the emerald isle, in relation to feminists “I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire” but for this man, this lovely, kind, honourable man, I would defend, support, stand beside, and be honoured to be his friend.
"So, in the battle to overthrow feminism – COUNT ME IN.

"Kind Regards




Anonymous Laddition said...

I like her style and wish her luck.

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo irish lady,
The problem is not only women,this is not just a battle of the sexes,it is an ideology that most alpha males also espouse,the reason being is,that in nearly every case,unfair systems and laws
do not pertain to them,so,in a tit for tat way,they help out the feminists to keep their fellow males down and the feminists help them by preventing the media from
commenting about their secret lives
so it's win win all the way for them.As you are probably aware the media will print any false statistics or "findings" given to it by feminists and this should stop in favour of peer reviewed
articles.The difficulty is that the UK is enmeshed in falsehoods,
things have gone too far and nobody can get out of their lifetime cycle even if they had cause to.My advice to you would have been that you were more of use inside feminism than outside
and you may have progressed,now you have no chance and can only be another moaning minnie

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such plain clarity, such heart. Thanks Fidelbogen for passing this on.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Hallo irish lady,
The problem is not only women,this is not just a battle of the sexes,it is an ideology that most alpha males also espouse,the reason being is,that in nearly every case,unfair systems and laws”
@ anonymous – who called me “irish lady”

I’m not very familiar with “blogging” so I have no idea how to de-anonymous” myself – but I am learning.

Anyway – couple of things I’d like to say.

First, the problem isn’t “women” it’s feminists and feminist ideology – my experience of Irish women is that generally while they are resistant to CALL themselves feminists, they give tacit approval to the underlying ideology by parroting the “party line” and by reaping the benefits that feminism has unfairly bestowed on them.

Which is partly why until I went back to college I mistakenly assumed that feminism “irish-style” was an irrelevance, it was then that I realised that the paradigm shift towards a creeping feminisation of Irish public policy, in particular in the legal system was emanating FROM this source and had over the last 20 years in particular eroded any fairness, justice, equity or plain old common sense from multiple societal systems.

With regard to “alpha males” and “espousing” feminist ideology, the number of males that I’ve personally spoken to about “feminism” who “espoused” feminism is exactly ones – I have no doubt that there ARE males who do, I’ve yet to meet more than this one sole male. Feminists tend not to talk TO me – they talk AT me – so they’re relatively short “converstions”

A shift towards a “cos I’m worth it” attitude to justify the inherent inequalities in many areas of Irish society that privilege women over men has become the default stance – even more so in women who are most definitely NOT “worth it”

I’m not really clear on what exactly your point is in your post, but hazarding a guess, you appear to be saying rather pessimistically that opposing feminism is pointless and one will simply be dismissed as “another moaning Minnie”

I honestly cannot agree with that – give up? Give in? Why?

The enemy (feminism) and its adherents are clever, and have been very clever, to all intents and purposes it might seem that it/they have effectively achieved their aim of a world-wide ideological coup – and seized control of the definitional levers.

THEY define “equality” “justice” “gender” pick any term/concept – so all is lost?

The problem is that defining ANY term, any concept, any anything through the prism of feminist ideology is flawed and can be shown to be flawed by the simple application of reason, logic, objectivity and contradictory EVIDENCE.

Once one rejects feminist ideology and rejects any attempt to define, explain or justify ANYTHING from THAT ideological “perspective” then can you reach a clear and untainted platform from which to speak.

While I would agree with fidelbogan’s assessment that to paraphrase “things will get worse before they get better” I believe than we can be at the very least mildly optimistic rather than profoundly pessimistic – at least I am.

Will feminists fight back – as you indicated – through the media – absolutely, and are already sharpening their talons, but, so what?

The genie is out of the bottle now – the “feminism is a load of ******* genie" I mean, the unsayable has been said, can’t be unsaid – feminism = total and utter crap.

Did the world end? Did the sky fall in?

Is Mise le meas :)

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Irish Lady

I'm not the anon you replied to earlier,but the situation you describe is the same here in the states. It's a pity, because I had thought about returning to my family's ancestral homeland to escape the insanity here. The Irish are a profoundly commonsense-valuing people.Obviously, something has gone horribly wrong if a moral and practical people like the Irish can be duped by such idiotic crap.

I can only conclude that the attitudes witnessed may not be the result of feminism,but rather its cause. In other words, if you're dumb,malevolent, and spiteful, you're more likely to be a feminist.

Feminism certainly makes it easier for them to do what they do,though. It pretends to be an academic discipline, but its real value is as a flimsy rationalization for Marxist class hatred and sexist bigotry.

Anyway,welcome to the club. We don't have any goodies to dole out, because, as you've noticed, we don't control society and never have,but at least we're doing what's right.

Finally, you're not a collaborator,Darlin'. At one time, all of us bought into the feminist bullshit,or at least didn't see them for the threat they were.

"You're here because you know something,what you know you (couldn't) explain. But you feel it,like a splinter in your mind..." Same reason we're all here.

Now that you're an activated non,anti,or counter-feminist you can put the abuse you've suffered at the hands of the real oppressors to productive result. If you are wise, you will allow it to inform your actions, and guide your hand. The abuses directed at you from the feminist females will be particularly instructive. This female/leftist mode of fighting based on destroying social currency will be the nasty new kind of battle we are forced to fight with these people,and your natural aptitude and experience with it will serve you well in tempering human rights arguments into barbs that will embarrass,marginalize,and confound these imbecilic hatemongers.

For what it's worth,I am sorry for the way you were treated.I do not hold you responsible for the pain feminists caused you. Unlike a feminist, I would never claim that what happened to you was "Matriarchy Hurts Women Too". When you describe the injustice you saw inflicted on the man in your tale,it reminds me of the frustrated anger I felt at seeing domestic violence adverts once upon a time,before feminists made a joke out of battered women.

There is a possibility that between women like yourself and men like us, there can be a mutual peace and understanding. It is ironic that the so-called "equalitarian" movement of feminism is the biggest obstacle to that peace and understanding.

May God bless you,and all of us who fight for justice and peace.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Chairde (My Friend)

I believe I would characterise myself as a non-feminist, the same as I would say “non-communist” non-marxist” non-anything I don’t ascribe too.

To those who have rather shrilly DEMANDED that I declare myself, explain myself etc – I would be inclined to say “what business is it of yours, who died and made you God to demand I explain myself to YOU – be gone you vicious little harpy – fly away and keep flying”

Having immersed myself in the anti-feminist, counter-feminist discourse, I am inclined to describe anything I say or write which disputes the ideology of feminism as “counter-feminism”* akin to “counter-communism” etc.

*nod to fidelbogan for elucidating this theoretical nuance.

Why not anti? Simple, because on a deep subliminal level it implies that any opposition is of the “two EQUALLY valid stances debating the pro’s and con’s of said ideologies.

Feminism is NOT a valid ideology – it is propaganda, indoctrination and vile cant.

In relation to my experience with “gender studies” What I have observed, is this:

The feminists controlling the “agenda/narrative” are NOT all actually Irish – in fact my own personal bête noir is from your neck of the woods – i.e. the other side of the Atlantic – bit of an aside – are ALL feminists from “over there” as obnoxious, as puffed up with their own self-importance as this rancid wretch?

Of the ones who are Irish – one invariably hears this phrase “when I lived in America” (sigh).

Then we have our lovely “sisters” from the UK, who have made “looking down their noses at us poor ignorant uninformed unenlightened Oirish Wimmin” an art form.

One does find oneself thinking “how on earth have we managed to dress ourselves in the morning in an “empowered” way till this lot of harpies came along to edumacate us???

Apparently, this “honour” began to be “bestowed” upon us around 15 – 20 years ago, and damn grateful we are!!!! NOT.

Outside academia, with regard to the women who actually know sod all about feminist ideology but embrace the “pay-off’s” that BEING a feminist brings – I sometimes shake my head at them in disbelief – and I would agree with you – the already spiteful, venal, manipulative, the already nasty twisty little “amadans”* leapt upon feminism with glee, talk about being given permission to behave like an amoral wretch!

*an amádan is technically a fool, but more than just an innocent fool, a fool who ENJOYS being a fool.

To my fellow Irish women who have done this – shame on you.

As for me personally – thank you for your kind words, but while I have no doubt they are sincerely meant I would like to say – I am NOT a victim – the behaviour of these persons is something they have chosen – the fact that it impacts upon me, and others in a negative way, discriminates, not victimises – being labelled or characterised as a “victim” suggests one is powerless – which I am not – do I like it? Nope – is it wrong? Yep – will I stand for it? Nope. I believe that there is a subtle but important difference between these two concepts.

I am actually mildly optimistic rather than, as I stated above, profoundly pessimistic because:

Ireland can be a strange place – sometimes in a good way, sometimes not – for example – Irish women have a rather sneaking regard for scoundrels*, for “piss-taking” which means puncturing over-inflated self-important purveyors of “the truth” Irish people by and large are incredibly cynical about “messages from on high” delivered to them as if on tablets – I recognise that I am generalising a wee bit,(maybe even a lot) but, this has been my experience, until now.

I already can see the signs of “this is bullshit” gathering momentum and coalescing – to generalise on a grand scale – one does NOT piss off an Irish woman or impugn their male loved ones, and be allowed to blithely dance away with NO consequences.

*of the devil-may-care variety – we LIKE people with something to say for THEMSELVES.


6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry,but it's not just feminists
we fight,it's all women who now consider the present position to be valid which is nearly all of them.Adding more rights to one sex takes away the same amount of rights for the other sex and I do not know any women who wish to set the clock back.What they have now they wish to hold--human nature.
Nearly all males in the media business are feminist orientated,if they were not their jobs would be in jeopardy.Even a man like Peter Hitchens says he is loath to argue about ideals which are clearly feminist because the arguments they produce are not logical,you cannot persuade them of anything and he is scared that
he will be arrested for something he says which is not PC.This is not to say he is a male activist
just someone who wishes to apply logic to the argument.
I do not believe the mens movement
has much chance unless feminism
decides to become political and form it's own party.We will then be able to dissect it,but at present it gives the orders but hides behind coat tails.
Good luck to you anyway.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly I share above pessimism because due, sigh, circumstance I'll not run from, I put up with what you might call feminist outlook almost every day from women who would say "feminists, oh no they're a bunch of nuts aren't they?" Does this have anything to do with "power corrupts..."?

Nevertheless I appreciate the refreshing honesty and commonsense presented in this letter, I wish to print it, and show it occasionally to people who wonder what all the fuss is about, these are people who (don't realize they) haven't brushed up against feminism yet (and smelled it's ugly...).

It's like body snatchers movie, the pods are turning up all over, I thought Ireland was to conservative and too intellectual to let this stuff get such a foot hold.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think if the "Oirish Lady" started (or has) a blog, it would be read.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Chairde

Re: Starting a blog, funny you should say that, my good (male) friend P..., is “larnin” me – am a bit behind the curve when it comes to this medium.

At the moment I’m working on various pieces of writing, aimed at college students, especially those who take “gender studies” courses I believe you call them “women’s studies” courses in the US.

But also am using sites? Blogs? Like this one as my own personal “counter feminism 101” course.

I hope shortly to launch a campaign here in Ireland that highlights the takeover of OUR colleges and campus’s by feminists and feminist ideology to propagandise a hate message and indoctrinate our brightest and best with this vile “perspective”
Unfortunately, in order to really “get through” to students I am having to re-read the very crap that is being used to disseminate this doctrine (sigh)

What I’ve personally realised is this:

1. Irish women who identify as feminists are a bit too “nice” “fair” “reasonable” to really “get the message” across, so gradually over the last 15 years or so, we have “imported” more and more “committed” feminists from afar to whip them into shape.

2. Irish women have gone off to various different UK and US colleges and universities to hone up on, be enlightened, and basically been to feminist boot camps so they are “getting with the programme”

3. These students are being trained to go out into the world armed with the “right attitudes” “right attitudes” and with the feminist doctrine firmly embedded into their minds. They enter the worlds of social policy, education policy, some of them even go on to be teachers of YOUNG boys and girls. NOT GOOD.

To give you an idea of what is being disseminated, two of the “readings” for one week in just one of these courses, were:

The Woman Identified Woman: RADICALESBIANS

“Our awareness is due to all women who have struggled and learned in consciousness raising groups, but particularly to gay women whose path has delineated and focused the women's movement on the nature and underlying causes of our oppression.”

No idea who wrote this, no citation appears for it.


Sexuality, Pornography, and Method: "Pleasure under Patriarchy: Author(s): Catherine A. MacKinnon: Source: Ethics, Vol. 99, No. 2 (Jan., 1989), pp. 314-346Published by: The University of Chicago Press Stable URL:

“Male dominance is sexual. Meaning: men in particular, if not men
alone, sexualize hierarchy; gender is one. As much a sexual theory of
gender as a gendered theory of sex, this is the theory of sexuality that
has grown out of consciousness raising in the women's movement. Recent
feminist work, both interpretive and empirical-on rape, battery, sexual
harassment, sexual abuse of children, prostitution, and pornographysupports
it (see Appendix). These practices, taken together, express and
actualize the distinctive power of men over women in society; their effective
permissibility confirms and extends it. If one believes women's accounts
of sexual use and abuse by men;2 if the pervasiveness of male sexual
violence against women substantiated in these studies is not denied, minimized,
or excepted as deviant3 or episodic; if the fact that only 7.8
percent of women in the United States are not sexually assaulted or
harassed in their lifetimes4 is considered not ignorable or inconsequential;”

From the above cited article, which goes on in this vein for 34 pages.

Need I say more?

Is mise le meas

4:43 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Once one rejects feminist ideology and rejects any attempt to define, explain or justify ANYTHING from THAT ideological “perspective” then can you reach a clear and untainted platform from which to speak."

Scroll back several posts until you come to the short item about the 'First Principles' (five of them).

That is the "untainted platform" that we shall be installing.

Keep your eye on it in the months ahead.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Re: Starting a blog, funny you should say that, my good (male) friend P..., is “larnin” me – am a bit behind the curve when it comes to this medium."

My knowledge of blogging, such as it is based on six years experience, is at your disposal.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Male dominance is sexual. Meaning: men in particular, if not men
alone, sexualize hierarchy; gender is one. As much a sexual theory of
gender as a gendered theory of sex, this is the theory of sexuality that
has grown out of consciousness raising in the women's movement."

This is relevant to what was said above about controlling the language.

Q.What the hell does all this nonsense actually mean?

A. Whatever people who consider themselves "enlightened" believe it means.

It's brilliant,though,I'll give the little assholes that much. If I wasn't worried about the intellectual discipline of OUR movement, I'd recommend mental masturbation courses like this to draw in egotistical morons who need 50 words to say what could easily be said in 5 and who like to read circular arguments that make no sense even if you manage to tease out the literary significance of the exotic-sounding words whose use they believe will make them sound intelligent.

I can't believe that anybody could be hoodwinked by someone who talks about a "gendered theory of sex or sexualized theory of gender" as if sex and gender hadn't been used interchangeably for the last 30 years. I know it's erroneous. In actuality, one can have neither theory,unless you're talking about romantic novels,as "gender" is not synonymous with sex. However,even in their alternate, twisted and confused tautology, such a statement is mental masturbation for idiots. It's meaningless. It saddens me to know that people pay to "learn" this bullshit. Might as well have a course on the industrial applications of navel lint.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe you're in good company with Fidelbogen then, and, you should have much confidence since you think clearly and write well, you have learned things that so many bloggers never will. Not to mention that word tangle you cited from C. McKinnon, wow there's some clarity for you, huh. How could anyone ever argue with that? Sorry to hear of the creepy invasion of your country - "contributions" from other countries just keeps gettin' better for you doesn't it.

11:17 AM  

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